The best kind of catching up with friends can be done over a pint or two of beers and we are sure that you won’t deny that. Beers are consumed widely, yet they are prepared using different methods in each nation. For all you know, beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages that is being consumed by the human kind.

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There is a lot of history involved behind the origins and success of the drink. It can get quite fascinating to understand the process through which beers are essentially produced and distributed along the long run. The Koelsch Guys Brew House Tours of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany provide a culinary experience that is sure to blow your mind away. The company has been offering both, private and public tours that provide information about the beers of Cologne.

Michael and Stefan, the founders, gradually welcomed thousands of guests on their tour and after receiving amazing feedback for the same, they decided to expand their team. Their biggest aim is to make the guests happy. “We want you to have the best experience on our tours. That of course means, that we will do our very best to design individual tours, just for you!” reads their official website. 

The Koelsch Guys Brew House Tours

The company mentions three important factors as being their top-most selling points, in relation to their beer tours. They promise to provide a fun experience and bring guests to their favorite night-life destination after the tour. Lastly, they plan private tours for both individuals and groups, tailoring the plans as per individual requirements, thereby offering maximum amount of flexibility.

As far as private tours are concerned, the company arranges individual meeting points as per the convenience of the guests. Their tours are designed in a similar manner. Guests receive the opportunity to discover Cologne’s unique beer culture with the help of a local guide. The local guide will walk you to four traditional pubs in one of Cologne’s most traditional neighborhoods. The tours usually include four authentic German beers and have a maximum group size of 20 people. However, if you wish to drink more than the included beers, the guide will make that possible. Extra beers are affordable, depending on the pub usually less than 2 euros. If you don’t happen to be a regular beer drinker then the tour is probably not for you.

Regular public tours usually take a maximum of two hours. Moreover, the total walking distance on the tour is roughly one kilometer. The length of the private tours various according to your preferences. 

If you’re a beer lover, the tour by the Koelsch guys will definitely not disappoint you. They will bring you closer to your beloved drink and will give you the opportunity to discover it more than you ever did! 

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