A day at the Spa can be a truly indulgent and wonderful experience, after all it’s a pastime centred on your enjoyment, needs, and, most importantly, your wellbeing. With the world now at the end stages of the Covid pandemic the importance of personal wellness has never been more apparent. The continuous lockdowns and restrictions over the past couple of years has meant that people are placing more value on “me time”, and one of the easiest ways to do this is a Spa Day.

Whether you visit with friends, family, a romantic partner, co-workers, or by yourself, one thing is certain, a day at the spa will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated, and de-stressed. However, one misstep or awkward situation can derail the whole experience.

For this reason, we’ve dedicated this piece to providing you with a comprehensive spa guide that includes our top tips, popular treatments, the benefits, and a summary of the some of the best spas in the world.

Before Your Visit

Make sure you do your research to find your ideal spa. For the most part, day spas tend to be consistent with services on offer, but you want to make sure you find one that suits you. Say a female only spa, or maybe you want a hotel spa so you can spend the night, or you may be interested in an innovative new treatment. Either way a good luck around is the place to start.

Reservations should be made as soon as you’ve decided on a date and found your perfect spa. You may not be sure on the exact treatments to go for so a quick call to make a reservation will no doubt help. Most spa receptionists are usually able to adequately explain what’s on offer, the benefits, and tailor packages. Arriving for your spa day with treatments and bookings in place mean the whole experience is likely to be stress-free.

Spa treatment

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Be prepared by packing a bag. Most amenities, robes, towels, and refreshments are provided but you’ll still want to pack a few essentials. A change of clothes, swimwear, gym wear, comfy footwear, and a book/tablet are some of the items we recommend. We suggest approaching the day as if you’re staying overnight at a hotel, think about what items you’d need in this situation.

Finally, arrive early, you want the whole day to be as relaxing as possible and getting there 20-30 minutes ahead of will only help. It’ll allow you to get acclimatised to the overall ambience and take advantage of any complimentary amenities on offer.

At the Spa

Now that you’ve stepped for inside, you’ll want to start by checking in. This may seem obvious but it’s a pivotal point, this is when you can ask for a tour of the facility and acquire any robes, slippers, towels etc. Any good spa will also ask you to fill in a health questionnaire when you first check-in. This is to understand if you have any medical conditions, are on any medication, or have any allergies which may determine the type of products used. If you aren’t asked to fill one in be sure to point out any, and we mean any, issues or concerns you have.

Trust the staff, especially if it’s your first time. You may not be sure on what the rules are or how to behave in particular situations, it’s always best to communicate with the staff on hand. They’ve probably heard it all, so no question will be deemed silly, and they’ll likely offer the best advice. You’re not expected to make friendly conversation but don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re uncomfortable or have questions about a procedure.

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Be mindful of other people during your time at the spa. If you’re in a group, it’s easy to get caught up in the fun but be aware other people are there to relax also. Discretion and modesty in the changing area is advised and make sure you leave this area how you’d like to find it.

If you’re going to a large spa or one that’s part of a hotel, you’ll probably find a whole host of extra facilities and services to take advantage of such as a pool, gym, sauna, bar, or restaurant. Make the most of it, it’s not often you get to treat yourself to a spa day.

Finally, at the end of it all, keep in mind the tip. This obviously varies from spa to spa and between countries, so to be safe check the spa gratuity policy. Some places may charge this anyway, if in doubt go with 20% of the total treatment cost.

Popular Treatments

If you’re unsure about which treatment to get or which is right for you then check out this handy rundown of the four most popular.


The quintessential spa treatment and by far the most common. Great for relaxing tired muscles, stimulating blood flow, and releasing endorphins. Massages come in many forms such as Swedish, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, and Thai, to name but a few.

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Our face is the most visible part of our body, and the first thing people see. It deserves pampering. Facial treatments include the combination of cleansing, extraction, and massage. They are designed to cleanse pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, and leave your face glowing.

Body Treatments

Rejuvenating body treatments such as scrubs, wraps, and soaks, leave your skin feeling cleaner, fresher, and more radiant.

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Manicure & Pedicures

A mani-pedi is the perfect complement to any one of the three treatments mentioned above. Having your hands and feet scrubbed, cleaned, and polished will leave you feeling great.

The Benefits 

  • De-Stress: Regardless of treatment or procedure, a day at the spa will reduce stress and calm the mind.


  • Treat Skin: Facials, body treatments, and even massages all assist in enhancing skin quality


  • Improve Blood Flow & Circulation: Massages have been shown to improve blood flow and circulation thus helping the body to function more efficiently.


  • Enhanced Sleep: You can expect better sleep quality with a calm mind and improved blood flow.


  • Relieve Pain: A good massage can relieve joint pain and aches. Just be sure to let the therapist know of any problem areas.

Where to go for your Spa Day?

Our top picks from around the world.

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Til Spa

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