The Tetamanu Pass of French Polynesia is extremely popular for the wealth of underwater life that it houses. It is also among the few places on Earth that has been preserved well. While it’s usually difficult to experience the Tetamanu Pass closely, the Tetamanu Diving Center makes it possible for all to live the ultimate diving experience. 

The Tetamanu Pass is full of hundreds of fish and sharks and every experience organized by the diving center lets you witness the undersea life with complete grandeur. There is also something for those who do not prior diving experience. The dive beginner ocean side, which is somewhere between 20m to 30m deep, allows one to discover the ecosystem of the pass, loaches marbles, nasons, wrasses, and evolving coral roses. The pass also has an ancient cave, the Napoleonic cave, which is located 28m below the sea level. As per research, this natural cave has been dug in the right flank of the pass where there are several sharks. This particular region is referred to as the shark’s wall. 


The center also organizes night dives upon request. Diving experts at the center understand the ingoing and outgoing currents before organizing the diving sessions to ensure that you have safe dives. The center also specialises in offering Nitrox so that you can dive deeper and for longer. If you do not have prior Nitrox experience, you can opt for Nitrox training upon request. 

Apart from diving, there are a range of activities that you can indulge in. For instance, you can go on an excursion to the paradise-like beach or wander and relax peacefully on the lagoon. You may even choose to go lagoon fishing, troll fishing, or spear fishing from the resort boat. Arrangements for the same can be made by the center upon request. 

Judges’ Feedback

  • Excellent service, dive sites are made easily accessible, divers have a range of different options including a unique night dive as well as other activities on offer such as fishing & excursions 
  • On site hostel and restaurant are a huge bonus, both allow divers the opportunity to stay for longer and really take in the sites 
  • Amazing feedback online, guests are pleased with the high level of service, the overall experience, the accommodation and the dedication of the staff
TETAMANU DIVING CENTERAddress: Tetamanu – Fakarava – French Polynesia
Phone:(+689) 87 71 38 34