Taha’a is truly one of French Polynesia’s gems. Its verdant beauty is dotted with gorgeous, lush valleys and its hillsides are decorated with banana, watermelon and coconut groves. A day with Terainui Tours allows you to bask in all of Taha’a’s glory. The first thing you might notice when you step afoot this island is the intoxicating scent of vanilla that fills your lungs. This is thanks to the vanilla plantations that are found here, which Terainui Tours will give you a comprehensive tour of where you will learn about the ripening and the harvest of the vanilla.

Terainui Tours

It should be of no surprise that some of the world’s most beautiful jewellery comes from Taha’a. Terainui Tours gives you the opportunity to spend a wonderful day discovering this by visiting a local pearl farm, where you will get the chance to learn about the day-to-day operations of the farm with demonstrations while also getting the chance to get a closer look at the latest pearl harvests.

Surrounded by crystal clear waters, this is a divers’ paradise. With Terainui Tours you can enjoy a swim with rays and sharks that call the coral reef and translucent waters that envelop this island home.

As part of your tour you will also enjoy a local lunch, where you will notice the influence of vanilla over the local cuisine, creating some beautiful delicacies to be savoured. The team at Terainui Tour will also be delighted to teach you about the local customs and history of this beautiful wild island too.

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