Not only is Tan & Brett’s Hanoi Beer Tour the very first and original beer tour of its kind, it is also the very best! So good in fact that Hanoi Beer Tour was recently featured on the CNN special – ‘Street Life Hanoi’. What could be better than cruising around Hanoi on the back of bikes, seeing the sites (and not just the one’s in the guide books), drinking the beer and eating some of the tastiest of tasty street food? Not much really!

Tan is 100% born and bred Hanoi and has lived in Vietnam all his life and is the pre-eminent storyteller in the whole city. Brett is a dinky di Aussie who has a passion for beer, food and Vietnam. Brett has been travelling to Vietnam each year since 2004 and it was on this first trip to Vietnam that he met Tan (while drinking a cold beer) and their friendship continues to this day. Both Tan and Brett love to drink a lot of good beer, eat delicious food and relish a top story and share it with people. The problem was, that although there were many ‘street food tours’ operating in Hanoi, a great deal were substandard when it came to food quality and many others simply had no idea what they were talking about. And knowledge of great beer drinking locations (outside of bia hoi corner) were non existent! So they had the genius idea to create Tan and Brett’s Hanoi Beer Tour! Real Beer, Real Food, Real People….Real Good!

Tan and Brett's

Tours usually last for about 5 hours and start right in front of St Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. You will get to see a lot on this tour, not only is this a culinary experience but with Tan and Brett’s Beer Tour, you will get to experience it all while at the same time wandering off the beaten path and among the alleys to see what locals really like in beer, food, architecture, culture and daily life. All this whilst listening to stories of Vietnam’s extraordinary past.

Judges’ Feedback

  • Excellently branded, user friendly and highly detailed website
  • The tour itself offers a great cultural experience and excellent value for money
  • Outstanding customer service and dedication to customers as highlighted by numerous online reviews
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