If you are planning to travel to Portugal or Morocco and you long for an unforgettable experience, TakingUthere has you covered. This innovative tour company combines the best of two worlds: visit all the famous landmarks and hot spots without missing out on some of the most exquisite, off-the-beaten-track, locations, virtually untouched by mass tourism. This is a unique travel experience that allows you to take your time immersing yourself in local life and culture.

It helps that owner João Dickmann has been an avid traveller and seasoned off-road driver for 25 years. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise and loves guiding travellers to remote places still undiscovered. The rest of the team consists of well-travelled wandering souls with vast amounts of experience and expertise under their belts. What unites everyone is a desire to entertain and please

The company owns a fleet of vehicles that includes 2 modern and comfortable minivans as well as a range rover for those necessary off-road shenanigans. Group size is always kept to a minimum to ensure the provision of a respectable and relaxed tour service- there is no rush with TakingUthere!

All you have to do is pick the trip that takes your fancy- and there is so much to choose from! Get ready to be dazzled: from the Gothic and Baroque architecture of Lisbon and the picturesque villages of Obidos and Mafra to the charming souks of Marrakesh and the magnificent landscapes of the Moroccan dessert!


Judges’ Feedback

  • Outstanding knowledge of local attractions both popular and off the beaten path. 
  • Excellent range of tour options, all organised and prepared based on customers interests and needs. 
  • Fantastic online reviews that routinely praise the over all experience, professional guides and attractions visited.
TakingUThereAddress: Rua de Campolide, nº27 – 4º esq. Lisboa 1070-026 Portugal
Phone: +351 917 837 597
Email: [email protected]