Tabooret Interiors Lab is one of Ukraine’s premier interior and product design firms. Made up of a team of experts led by Katerina Churina, Tabooret Interiors Lab has been operating since 2009, creating unique, stylish and exciting projects for a range of clients across Europe.

Tabooret Design

The studio based in the heart of Kiev, is famed for its design services catered to residential and commercial projects. The mission is to fill your space with a modern and meaningful design that adhere to principle of the Scandinavian design school of thought.

Living Room Design

Aesthetics, sustainability, functionality and new technologies play a key role in the design process. Customers can expect professionalism, dedication and adaptability regardless of the complexity of a design project.

Sitting Room Design tabooret

Areas of work include;

  • Design of Living Spaces
  • Design of Commercial Spaces
  • Design of Retail Spaces
  • Furniture Design and Manufacture
  • Turnkey Project Implementation
  • Budgeting for Design Projects
  • Consultation on ongoing design projects
  • Renovation Consulting
  • Real Estate Advice

The next time you’re in the search of a modern, innovative design studio to help turn your free space into something special, look no further than Tabooret Interiors Lab!

Tabooret Interior Lab Desk Design

Judges’ Feedback

  • Amazing dedication to the principles of meaningful, functional, modern and aesthetically pleasing designs.
  • Fantastic range of services that include complete project management, furniture manufacture, budgeting and real estate advice.
  • Excellent online reviews, customers are pleased with the service, attention to detail, commitment and creativity.

Tabooret LogoWebsite:
Address: st., Glubochitskaya, 40, Kiev, Ukraine
Phone: +380 (73) 922 59 99
Email: [email protected]