A country house that has been standing tall for centuries, Solar de Oura in Norte Region is among the most preferred accomodations in Turkey. The primary highlight about this historic boutique hotel is that the last one of its structures dates back to the XVII century. However, the accomodation was rebuilt in 2012 with all the modern amenities possible.

Discover Turkey’s History

Many might not be aware but Solar de Oura originally constituted a set of buildings that were immensely popular for their great central patio. It was here that various agricultural as well as cultural pursuits once developed. The space was the stage of many shows of village theatres, cultural saraus and film projection. Such is the legacy of Solar de Oura that it now stands with utmost pride and respect to cater to the guests all around the world.

The hotel is designed in a way that it emits prestigious vibes. Featuring natural elements along with a combination of contemporary design and minimalist decor, the hotel’s interiors and exteriors are truly a sight to admire. Despite showcasing ancient boutique architecture, the hotel is equipped with all the smart technology solutions. The rooms give guests access to sunny balconies that invite them to an afternoon of rest and good reading. The rustic tone of the hotel is complimented well by the en-suite bathrooms.

Solar de Oura

If you wish to enjoy an evening of barbecue with your loved ones in your private balcony, the hotel staff can make it happen for you. Breakfast is served daily in a buffet system. However, if guests wish to enjoy a bed-and-breakfast option, they can do so by requesting the hotel staff. Regional cuisine can also be provided upon prior request. Dishes at the hotel are designed for all types of eaters, including celiacs, vegetarians and vegans.

Other facilities of the hotel include free parking, outdoor bars, picnic areas and a beautiful garden. If guests wish to rejuvenate themselves, they can simply opt for the yoga classes offered by the hotel. Guests can also take advantage of public baths, hot spring baths as well as healing massages. For entertainment purposes, the rooms are equipped with satellite TVs, free wireless internet, and minibars.
Getting Around
While there is a lot to do in the hotel itself, there’s so much more that you can explore around it as well. The hotel is situated next to Cruzeiro, which can be found in the heart of Oura. Cruzeiro is a typical village of Trasmontana in the region of Vidago. There’s loads for you to do in Vidago. Be it the Douro tours that let you experience the green luscious landscapes of the region or the lush Vidago Palace Golf course. However, if the guests wish to practise their golf skills within the hotel’s vicinity, the staff takes the responsibility of arranging golf programs in either one of the two golf courses located within a 5-minute drive from the hotel.

In addition to this, guests can also explore the natural surroundings of the hotel on bicycles. To eat some of the best delicacies of the town, Quinta Dos Carvalhos is ideal. Additional attractions around the hotel include the Vidago Thermal Spa, Chaves Castle, Chaves Roman Bridge, Carvalhelhos Thermal Spa, the main supermarket of Vidago, Piscinas da Ribeira de Oura River, Barroso Mountain, Alvão Mountain and the Tâmega River.

If you want to escape the hustle-bustle of city life and want to go back to the countryside, Solar de Oura is the perfect place for you. A stay here refreshes and rejuvenates you and makes you want to stay back for long.

Solar de OuraAddress: Rua do Olmo, 37 Oura, Vidago 5425-206 Portugal
Phone: +351 276 999 070