Those with a passion for the seas will love our holidays to Bermuda, which can include a number of luxury experiences onboard glamorous yachts and catamarans.

As one of my passions, I take a huge amount of pride in curating adventurous yachting vacations to Bermuda which contain a handful of wonderful experiences and accommodation options at our collection of luxury properties. Here is what you could get up to on one of our unique holidays to Bermuda.If, like me, you consider yourself a seafarer at heart, then I highly recommend that you check out our luxury holidays to Bermuda. This beautiful British island territory boasts spectacular surrounding oceans that are the ultimate playground for a maritime adventure.

Ocean Adventures

How does heading out into the gorgeous ocean on a private catamaran before exploring the magical world beneath the surface sound? Pretty good, right? If so, then I suggest that you speak to the lovely Richie and Maureen at SeaSplash Bermuda. They arrange customised experiences and will do everything possible to make sure that it is an unforgettable trip whether you are on a lengthy sailing cruise as the sun goes down or snorkelling around the Hawkins Islands and up through the legendary Great Sound ocean inlet.

A Romantic Meal on the High Seas

Step foot onto the most luxurious super yacht on the island for one meal that you certainly will never forget. The mightily impressive and lavish Venetian is a staggering 100-ft and can cater for up to 26 people, but you are also able to charter the yacht for a romantic and intimate experience.

It is hard to top the sublime views of Bermuda as you set out for your supper on the High Seas, but the talented onboard chefs certainly come close and will tickle your tastebuds. This will be one of the finest meals that you have ever experienced (both on land and at sea) as you leave the island behind and set off into the sunset. This is luxury at its finest.

Front Row Seats for the Magical Glow Worm Ritual

Bermuda is famous for the magical spectacle where thousands of glow worms/fire worms emerge from the bottom of the ocean to perform their mating ritual with the ocean and night’s sky as a backdrop. An amazing green glow takes over the Bermuda shores during this period, which takes place on evenings between the months of May and November.

This marvellous experience can be enjoyed from many places, but I recommend that you head out to the waters from which the glow worms emerged on the deck of the Ana Luna catamaran (with a glass of champagne, of course!). This is a superb way to spend the evening and one of nature’s greatest spectacles.

Our Recommended Hotels

If you are drawn to the ocean like I am, then I know that you will love these experiences. We also have a handful of excellent properties for you to choose from.

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club features a number of super luxury suites and gorgeous views of the harbour, whilst Grotto Bay is in its own world with 21 acres of lush grounds which include their own golf course. I also like to recommend colonial-style Rosedon in Hamilton City (a great base for exploring), with its verdant tropical gardens and tranquil atmosphere.