Santorini is something of a European icon and one of the most recognizable places in the world with its panoramic views, amazing sunsets, surrounding turquoise waters and beautiful white-washed buildings set against a vibrant blue sky.

The Architecture 

Santorini and most Cycladic islands for that matter are known for their idyllic seaside towns of white-washed homes and blue domed churches. In Caldera these buildings are perched on a cliffside and built inside on cliff-side caves. 


Santorini is a boutique hotel haven; the island is home to numerous stylish luxury hotels. From sea view balconies, private pool suites, infinity pools, fine dining and world class spa’s, Santorini has it all. It’s worth booking months in advance as the hotels on the island get booked up very quick. We recommend Travel and hospitality award winners Luna Santorini Suites (profiled on the following page) and Windmill Villas (profiled on page )


Santorini is a distinctive wine growing region and one that enjoys special designation of origin status from the European Union. Vineyards in the region date back over 3000 years and the volcanic, mineral rich soil mixed with the weather creates a rare, in demand and high-quality wine. Simply put Santorini is a wine lovers paradise and Venetsanos winery (profiled on the following pages) is a great place to enjoy them.


Seafood lovers are in luck, fresh grilled fish is a local specialty and is available in Tavernas all over the island. Oher local specialties are white aubergine (popular as Moussaka), Fave me koukla (mashed up fava beans), tomato keftedes (tomato fritters) and Saganaki (fried cheese in a filo pastry)