Romantic holidays are big business and can count as anything from a short weekend break to a longer honeymoon trip. You wouldn’t by entirely wrong to assume that it’s only the people that count, as long you’re with the one you love you don’t need anything else. It is a simple perspective but not on that sits with us. The perfect destination will always enhance and enrich any romantic holiday. 

It’s about finding your couple niche, where it be beautiful sandy beaches, hilly countryside retreats, gorgeous snow topped mountain, charming old towns there is something for every couple. 

We’ve included some of our favorites in this chapter and a few tips for our own perfect romantic getaway.

Go for a Trial Run

This is more for those planning their first romantic getaway. Rather than jumping into a longer trip it’s worth testing the water with a night away some where much closer to home. Prolonged time together like this may help pick up anything that may get on your nerves or displease you. Together you can iron out these issues and then better prepare for a much longer trip.

Personal Touches 

It’s the little personal things that make the holiday truly special. Find a way to make the holiday special and personal to the two of you. Maybe some flowers or chocolates surprise in the hotel room, or go to a place that means something, maybe relive a few shared experiences, whatever it may be the more personal it is the more special the holiday is. 

The Right Hotel

To some the place you stay is more important that where you go. Budget and personal preference play a key role, but the goal is always comfort. Whether is by an elaborate luxury resort or a quaint bed and breakfast always make the establishment is right for you both. The right hotel can include several features, some popular ones include, candle lit dinners, couple’s spa, private fireplace, breakfast in bed, panoramic views and private hot tub or pool. 

Don’t Plan Too tight

A tight schedule may be fine in a large organised group or for a budget traveller with limited time. However, for a couple sometimes going from place to place can become chore and take away from the romance. Sometimes you just want to spend some relaxing time with your partner, and this may well end up being the best time you have. A go with the flow attitude is always best.

Romantic Holiday