The best way to see the American Southwest is from behind the wheel of your own car. An Arizona road trip itinerary provides a unique opportunity to explore this exotic region from the ground up. Planning a trip to Arizona comes with an endless number of variations depending on how much time you have, what you want to see and whether you choose to fly or drive to Arizona. 

Begin your Arizona road trip by flying into Las Vegas because it is centrally located to all the cool places you are going to want to visit. Phoenix is often much more expensive to fly into and Las Vegas, although not in Arizona, has tons of affordable flights from everywhere on the planet each and every day! Las Vegas is the perfect starting point for a 5 day or 2 week itinerary. 

First stop is Hoover Dam; it only takes about 50 minutes so it is an easy and fun first stop. Everyone will be excited to road trip Arizona so a fun stop as soon as you get started is always a plus. Build this time into your drive so you can make allowances for the stop later on in the day.

After driving in the sticks for a bit, you will stop at the college town of Flagstaff, which feels positively cosmopolitan – and is the obvious choice of base if you’re set on a deeper exploration of Northern Arizona. The historic grid-like downtown is full of genuinely interesting shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, and some fantastic murals and street art, all of which fosters a lively community feel.

Seeing the Grand Canyon is an essential part of any Arizona vacation itinerary. But even a short trip to the Grand Canyon can be rewarding if you know how to make the most of your time. Other highlights on your itinerary has got to be Sedona, you can drive your car down one of the many roads in Sedona and receive breath-taking views at every turn. No matter how long you have a drive around Arizona is sure to pack in an unbelievable trip of a lifetime.

Road Trip Arizona