Rhodes is Greece’s fourth biggest island and one that quite simply has it all. A unique combination of archaeological sites, historic towns, lovely beaches and luxury resorts has made Rhodes one of the most visited of the Greek islands.

Rhodes town is the capital and home to the only airport. During the summer months there are international flights available from a handful of European destinations otherwise a connection in Athens, Crete or Thessaloniki may be required. This can even be a ferry connection routes are plentiful from the mainland and major islands.

Rhodes town itself is a great choice for anyone interested in learning about the history. The old town is a UNESCO world heritage site and is extremely well preserved. The palace of the grand master of knights and the street of knights are two of the most popular attractions. 

Lindos is superb for those interested in a more traditional experience. The town has a preservation order meaning councils and businesses are limited with how far they can move away from tradition. This has left the town with an authentic feel which is further enhanced with the presence of its acropolis perched up on a hill above the village. 

Both Lindos and Rhodes town have wonderful beaches however if this is the main reason for your trip than Ialysos will be best suited. The beach of Ialysos is long and well organised with many large hotel complexes located nearby.

Heritage sites are scattered all over the island so once you’ve had your fill of the Rhodes old town then be sure to head out to Filermos Hill, famous for its medieval ruins, chapel and monastery. Visits to the castle of Kritinia and castle of monolithos will make for an amazing day out and road trip.

Looking past the historical sites one can enjoy a scenic climb up mount Attavyros and water sports. Snorkelling, diving and windsurfing are all very popular. Faliraki, the islands night life centre is also the location of a large world class water park.

There are several outstanding properties on the island from big luxury complexes to small guest houses. Our pick of the bunch is St. Artemios Boutique Hotel by Artesa, profiled earlier on page .

Accessible Rhodes, a local company and travel and hospitality award winner, is an excellent point of contact for anyone that’s planning to visit and would like to organise excursions, activities or transfers. Further details can be found on the following page.

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