Located in the exotic Azul Beach Resort in Riviera Maya, Le Chique is not just a treat for your taste buds and nose but for all your other senses as well. As you enter the restaurant, you’ll be welcomed with the classy, seductive decor of the restaurant along with the aroma of fresh food. Restaurant Le Chique takes you on a multi-sensory dining adventure in its comfortable ambience with walls covered in a shade of blue and lamps of minimalistic design hanging from the roof. 

They take modern cuisine to the next level by first deconstructing the food and then reconstructing it to resemble something totally different. Be prepared to get both puzzled and amazed by the culinary skills of the chefs for Entrées may appear as desserts or cocktails may appear as spheres! What’s even more amusing about the food is the manner in which it is served. It is nothing short of fancy. You can expect your food to be served inside a hollowed-out book or even on a string! 

Bringing this all to you is Chef Jonatán Gómez Luna, Head Chef Alejandro Villagrana Pérez and their talented team. They’ve mastered the fine art of cooking and the science behind it to bring to you the finest of delicacies which appear even more alluring. All the food is prepared by using the choicest of local ingredients which are grown through sustainable growing practices. Do not miss out on their wide collection of wines, which, when paired with their dishes, give you a completely unique culinary experience unlike none other. 

Restaurant Le Chique

Do try out their Crispy Veal with Sun-Dried Smoked Chili and Spider Crab prepared with Corn and Burned Habanero to give you a zesty treat! Do not miss out on visiting their mini wine cellar which is located right inside the restaurant. This wine cellar comes with a unique twist. It is completely made from glass and you can find the bottles all around you when you sit on the center table and sample some of the finest wines in Mexico before choosing your favorite ones! Le Chique stands absolutely true to its name. It provides all its guests a unique, boutique, chic experience unlike any other. 

Our judges loved the enthusiasm and finesse with which all the work is carried out here. The cohesive team works tirelessly to bring to you the finest of preparations out there. The waiters too do their bit in bringing life to the dishes they serve. Be prepared to have your dishes floating in mist as it covers your table and engages all your senses in no time! If you do have some special requirements, the restaurant staff will be happy to comply and will ensure that you get the best services possible. 

It is then no doubt that Le Chique has numerous awards to its name. If you wish to experience molecular gastronomy like never before and want to indulge all your senses and give them the perfect dining experience, head over to Le Chique. You can reach them at: 

Carretera Cancun-Puerto Morelos km 27.5 Mz 37, Smz 12, 77580 Riviera Maya, Q.R., Mexico 

http://lechiquerestaurant.com/Address: Carretera Cancun-Puerto Morelos km 27.5 Manz 37, Super Manz 12,
Riviera Maya, Mexico
Phone: +52 998 872 8450
Email:[email protected]