Imagine a space located right in the middle of a sunny plateau of the ever-glorious Leogang mountains. That is exactly what Puradies is. Guests receive the golden opportunity to bask in the beauty of nature and enjoy complete tranquility. Built from rough mountain stones, cool glass and a strong oak wood, the hidden paradise nestles in the beautiful, untouched alpine scenery of Austria. The hotel is a perfect architectural balance of old traditions, modern technology and carefree naturalness. 

A Peaceful Getaway

The primary highlight of the hotel is that it features of 500,000 meters of wellness area, all in a single location. In other words, guests staying at this hotel are sure to experience maximum level of comfort and well-being. Guests can choose between suites and premium chalets for their stay. All the suites at the hotel are intricately designed to maximize the comfort of the guests and their stylish elements are sure to impress you as well. There are two suites that come with their own private spa as well. The hotel also further features a large bathing pond, open for all to use without any additional charges. A beauty area is designed specifically to ensure that the guests are provided with a rejuvenating experience. Indulge in fitness activities at the fitness and yoga rooms with instructors who are knowledgeable in the respective fields. If this wasn’t good enough to fulfill your holiday experience, there’s also an active organic farm where you can see fresh fruits and veggies growing.


The chalets are built using wooden beams and shingles. Situated in the midst of the picturesque backdrop of the high mountains, guests can spend a cottage holiday in the idyllic premium chalet village of Leogang. Nestled away in the rustic, sun-tinted old wooden structure, the chalets are sure to leave you surprised with their private sauna facilities. For all those of you who are seeking peace, Puradies is where you answer lies. It is the perfect retreat that is surrounded by massive mountains and green alpine meadows. Guests can enjoy an exclusive alpine service that brings them Salzburg’s organic breakfast directly to their chalets. As a quote on their website claims, “Decide for yourself, whether you want to spend your day in complete privacy or with the other guests in the hotel – because all services of the hotel are included in the chalet village!”

Spend quality time with your loved ones at the bar and lounge of the hotel. You can choose to eat your meals at the hotel’s gourmet restaurant ESS:ENZ that serves delicious food.  Enjoy a moment of absolute silence and relaxation in the spacious library, situated within the premises as well. The hotel features a “GREISSLEREI” shop that offers a choicest selection of natural products from the region. 

Getting Around

Apart from this, there’s a bunch of activities that you can take part in as well. Mountain trails through high alpines gorges and perfectly groomed ski slopes await you. Enjoy the culinary delights in the charming mountain huts, followed by 400-kilometers long mountain biking trails amidst breathtaking rocky landscapes of Leogang. You can even go for biking trails to experience the thrills of alpine slopes while going downhill. Since the region itself is popular for sun and snow, you will get to experience winter sports at the hotel too. You can spend fabulous winter moments on a peaceful snow hike or a sleigh ride. 

The hotel also organizes several cultural programs with spring lectures, vernissages and autumn readings with some of the best-selling authors and renowned artists. We don’t think there’s a better feeling than true enthusiasm and the hotel is built on similar ideologies.

 Address: Rain 9, 5771 Leogang, Austria
Phone: +43 6583 8275
Email:[email protected]