Premium Float Schwabing – the name itself piques the interest of a person. This modern and exclusive float center in Munich heals its guests through the sheer process of floating on water. Feel weightless as you float in silence with meditative music playing in the backdrop. You can even simply float in complete silence or with any other preference of music.

Unlimited Tranquility

There are guests who choose to float in complete darkness. However, if you’re not that kind, you can opt to float in dim light or under the starry skies. Whatever may your choice be, the facility assures a completely protected environment. It’s their state-of-the-art hygiene technology that has ended up winning the hearts of many. 

The warmth and the feeling of being lifted by the water is a thought enough to draw one towards the facility. The procedure is specifically designed to relax muscle tension, fatigue, stress and everyday’s hectic life in a short span of time. The process itself is based on a scientifically proven method of floating, which is known to stimulate the body to release endorphins, which are the prime cause of euphoric happiness.

There are two alternatives that you can choose – Floating Basins and Floating Tanks. Both of these are filled with heated, body temperature salt water, which allows guests to gain a unique experience of weightlessness in complete privacy. Thanks to the constant temperature of about 35°C, which corresponds to the outer skin temperature, the boundaries of the body seem to dissolve. It creates a new space for creativity and self-awareness.

Each of the floating vessels are new, modern and well-maintained. Owing to its uniqueness, it is one of the most exclusive Floating Centers in Munich. It is the private spa atmosphere that enhances the experience even more. The place includes its own fully-equipped bathroom with towels and quality toiletries for your convenience. They make use of the latest German microprocessor-controlled hygiene technology for water treatment along with magnesium sulfate salt, which takes care of your skin.

Premium Float Schwabing

You could also opt for a gift package that is suitable for all tastes and occasions. For example, as a gift voucher for a wedding, the service includes rose and sparkling wine. Similarly, birthday and picnic packages come with customized presents. The services often include combined packages like the Float and Picnic Package, where you can first float into infinity and then get a nice complimentary picnic backpack to keep. You also get a free coupon which can be used to purchase picnic supplies from nearby stores before heading for a peaceful picnic in “Englischer Garten”. 

The floating treatment relieves spine, musculature, and joints through pressure-free floating. It is the best solution of acute and persistent tension. It even reduces stress related to biochemicals, improves rheumatic complaints, synchronizes brain hemispheres, and increases your ability to concentrate. 

You can even opt for the treatment if you have pain related to herniated discs, joint pains, sciatica, strains, compressions, and lumbago. Those with migraine can also reap the advantages of this relaxing treatment. 

You can also enjoy total relaxation as part of a classic massage that incorporates special massage techniques post your float session. Premium Float Schwabing brings to you the finest quality of well-being so that you can escape from the day-to-day stress of life and experience peace and tranquility in their oasis of well-being. 

Premium Float SchwabingAddress: Feilitzschstraße 26, 80802 München, Germany
Phone: +49 89 33039731
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