Electric bikes are literally taking the world by storm and Pedego is America’s biggest and most popular brand. Renting a Pedego bike is by far the most clever and exciting way to discover a new city. Unlike traditional bicycles, Pedego allows you to cover a lot more ground much quicker and without shedding much sweat at all.

With over 15 different models to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect fit for you. Our bikes are extremely comfortable and user-friendly with a whisper-quiet motor that will help you gain speed in no time and with very little effort. With a long-lasting, powerful battery and brand new Pedalsense technology, you have the freedom to ride for long stints. Batteries charge up quickly and with some of our most popular bikes you can cover up to 60 miles in one charge! Bikes can reach up to 25km per hour so expect to discover your surroundings in a comfortable and fun way.

Our amazing city of Leeds has several incredible places and events to explore. At Pedego Leeds, we offer a selection of Pedego tours that include wine tasting, cooking masterclass and even combining the two. Bike through the dedicated route that will take you through the beautiful vineyards for some gorgeous local wine tasting and end up at Casa Mia restaurant for a hands-on cooking class in the best Italian restaurant of the city. Or go all out with an all-inclusive Pedego holiday and truly experience this city through the eyes of a local.

Pedego Electric Bikes

Judges’ Feedback

  • Perfect reviews and online feedback. Customers are generally pleased with the ease of use of the bikes, fun experience and overall service. 
  • Excellent product quality and range. Visitors can easily find a bike suited to their needs and activities. 
  • Very strong marketing, the website, social media platforms, testimonials and materials are all in keeping with the brand.
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