While Ontario may offer much in the way of grand spectacular attractions, the state is home to niche and unique sites as well. One such attraction is the famed Ostrich Land farm located in the rural stretch land between Hamilton and Niagara Falls.

At Ostrich Land you can expect a fully immersive and educational experience centered around these majestic birds, a rarity in North Americas as Ostrich originates from the African Savannah. There are three Ostrich species at the farm: Black, Blue, and Red, each with their own distinct quirks and uniqueness. As well as seeing fully grown Ostrich visitors also get the opportunity to visit chicks in the nursery, purchase goods to take home as a memento, and take part in regular special events staged throughout the year.

Feeding Ostriches


Tours of Ostrich Land, led by expert guides, are fun, engaging, educational, and suitable for all ages. Guest can learn all about the history of these birds, their anatomy, social structure, diverse personalities, the benefit of having a farm like this nearby, and can feed the chicks.

Tours last roughly an hour and a half, there is no need to pre-book, and at the end, guests are welcome to enjoy the farm.

ostrich baby


The store at Ostrich Land certainly adds to the uniqueness of the site. For one, visitors can purchase livestock, Ostrich chicks are available from a fertilised egg and one-day-old right up to a breeding pair. If you’re more interested in the nutritional benefits then you can reserve Ostrich eggs in seasons, these are extremely popular, and the waiting time can be up to 10 weeks. Ostrich meat can also be bought.

Ostrich oil is another popular product, it is famed for its skin healing, anti-aging properties, anti-fungal properties, and was a key part of ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatras daily skincare routine.

Meal Ideas

Judges’ Feedback

  • Excellent dedication to providing a sustainable and safe environment for the Ostrich.
  • Great location, the farm is rural and easily accessible from major cities within Canada and the USA.
  • Superb online reviews, customers generally praise the overall experience, the family-friendly atmosphere, on-site shopping, and the friendly staff.

Contact Information

Address: 8299 Concession 2 Road,
West Lincoln, Ontario
L0R 1E0
Phone: (647) 988-0841
Email: info@ostrichland.ca
Website: https://www.ostrichlandontario.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ostrichlandontario