Iceland holds a certain mystery and intrigue for travellers the world over. The nation has a lot to offer, especially the undiscovered regions that are off the beaten path. It is also as misunderstood a travel destination as it is a very beautiful place to visit. But one travel service is changing all of that and making Iceland easy to embrace. Founded in 2012 by three Icelandic families, Nicetravel aims to assist travellers to Iceland to have a nice, enjoyable and memorable experience.

Explore Iceland’s Beauty

Whether it is organizing detailed and well-planned tours or offering luxury apartments for comfortable stay in the heart of Reykjavik, all the services provided by Nicetravel are fully licensed and approved by the appropriate Icelandic authorities. 

With ‘BE NICE´ as their work motto, the company and those that run it believe that travel services that have a personal and warm touch are always better. This is the driving force behind the outstanding services that they provide to their clients and customers.

With the purpose of never compromising on individual attention and personal touch, the maximum size of each group is 19 passengers. This attention to the detail and commitment to the comfort of the travellers and customers reflects in basic amenities and comforts such as pickup and drop off from all major hotels and guest houses (or dedicated bus stops within city centre) in Reykjavik, round trip transportation and professional tour guidance. Passengers returning from tours are dropped off at the hotels or guest houses they were picked up from, or at the nearest possible location. While pickup is offered only in Reykjavík, if a traveller is staying outside the city, pickups and drops can be arranged from the office of Nicetravel or the nearest BSÍ Bus Terminal – whichever is most convenient for the customer.

Nicetravel not only offers classic excursions like Golden Circle, South Shore and Snæfellsnes tours, but also a wide selection of other activities like Glacier Hike, Jökulsárlón Amphibian Boat Tour, Puffin Watching Boat Tour or Lava and Ice Caving combined with very picturesque and interesting sightseeing trips.  If you want to try bathing in famous Icelandic hot springs, you can also do so in tours such as ‘Golden Circle’, ‘Kerið Volcanic Crater’ and ‘Blue Lagoon’. The team is also happy to customize private tours and experiences for intrepid travellers.

Nicetravel enables any visitor to experience Iceland in an unhurried and relaxed manner. During the summer season, Nicetravel operates 2, 3 and 7-day tours. You can see the Golden Circle, South Coast or even go around the island on the famous Road #1, called the “Ring Road”. Enjoy summer attractions like glacier hike and amphibian boat tour among the floating icebergs and several other delights. During winters, Nicetravel operates 2, 3 and 5-day tours. Get on the bus with their experienced driver and tour guide and explore Iceland in a comfortable way. Winter is also a season for the Northern Lights – the team at Nicetravel keeps a keen eye on weather conditions to allow their customers to see this magical natural phenomenon.

If a scheduled day tour is cancelled by Nicetravel on account of unpredictable situations such as very bad weather conditions, they can arrange for you to go on the tour on a different day. If that does not work with your schedule, they can also offer an alternative activity at no additional cost or give you a full refund.

Language can be a major roadblock and inconvenience in a foreign country. The team at Nicetravel is conscious of this since all members have travelled extensively around the world. This is the reason why all their tours are guided in English. While meals are not included in the tours offered by Nicetravel – unless specifically stated in tour description – stops at cafes or restaurants during a tour are frequent. This allows you to buy light meals and refreshments and also freshen up.

Nicetravel is doing a rather good job in making Iceland truly a ‘Niceland’!

Address: Fiskislóð 45, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
Phone: +354 419 0100
Email: [email protected]