Nefis Travel, a name with a story… Nefeli was the most beautiful nymph in Greek mythology, so pure that Zeus hid her in the clouds so that nobody could steal her innocence. Nefos means cloud in Ancient Greek. The philosophy of Nefis Travel is to share and treasure the beautiful hidden jewels of Zante with you, the visitor. 

It was nearly 12 years ago that the vocal singer, and storytelling guide, Jackie Boots, had a wish and vision. After many years working for major tour companies she wanted to offer different types of tours, more personal, with smaller groups, eco friendly, interaction with the locals and to be able to create the highest costumer service. She combined her wealth of experience as a tour guide with her passion for Greek culture, theatre, music and mythology to create distinctive quality VIP private and group tours. Encouraged by the support of their satisfied guests and their beautiful feedback over the years, Nefis Travel made it through the Greek crisis and are still going strong. Jackie created a professional, passionate and enthusiastic team of people around her and became the leading tour company on Zakynthos, which offers not only an experience of the traditional Zakynthian culture, history and way of life but also avoids the crowds with outstanding excursions. If you’re travelling to Zakynthos, make sure Nefis Travel is on your wish list, they will ensure that your holiday is filled with enchanted and fun memories that will last a lifetime.

Nefis Travel - Private Day Tours

Judges’ Feedback

  • Amazing range of tour services, guests can enjoy everything from a simple walking tour to more personalised VIP private cruises. 
  • Wedding focused activities such as proposal arrangements and vowel renewal holiday are a unique selling point. 
  • The dedication to Zakynthos Culture means tourists can see everything through the eyes of a local and benefit from a more personal experience.
Nefis Travel - Private Day ToursAddress: Varres Post box 700, Planos 291 00, Greece
Phone: +30 2695 048004
Email: [email protected]