Switzerland is the playground of the rich and famous and mySenses The Bar is an excellent cocktail bar for the cognoscenti in the bustling city of Switzerland, Zurich. Located a few blocks down from the Dubendorf Bahnhof, in a office/ residential area, mySenses’s location makes it a hot favorite among the people of Zurich. 

Engage Your Senses

The reasons are far too many. The multi-lingual staff in an ambient setting are happy to ply you with the best whiskies, gins and liqueurs to sample; the mixologists are masters of their craft of creating delicious alchemies that guarantee incomparable taste sensations. The place has specialty gin, rum, whiskey and cocktails to cater to every taste. The owner and staff greets you upon entry with a welcoming smile. 

The staff will come to your table or chair to take your order and at the same time bring a small plate of cheese chunks on the house! And these accompaniments keep changing with different rounds of drinks. So it could be assorted nuts with one and a small plate of sliced salami with another. The signature cocktail is called Deep Life, named rather philosophically. The delicious recipe is made using three types of gins, grapefruit juice, and more. The warm scent of wood as you enter the dining room, the bouquet of wine or the powerful spiciness of the exquisite cigars in the humidor – make mySenses a multi-sensory experience.

mySenses The Bar

 In case you want to stand behind the counter and mix your own drinks or those of your friends, the staff at mySenses will enable you to do that as well – with expert guidance. Not only that, they are happy to share slices from their lives – the job of a bartender, work techniques, mixing secrets and some awesome recipes. The interiors are perfect for a lounge bar where there is also scope for conversations because the music is not too loud. Thanks to state-of-the-art acoustic technology, the contents of your conversations remain at your table. They are accompanied only by gentle musical sounds as well as the work of the bartenders. 

Then there is the focused lighting, but floor to ceiling windows also offer natural lighting, depending on the time of the day when you visit and the season too. The tasteful colour scheme of the interiors is a feast for the eyes and yet creates a cozy and welcoming ambience. Wood, steel and glass dominate and leave an impression of modernistic harmony. Sofas, padded chairs, stools along the walls and at the reverse L-shaped bar make seating convenient and comfortable too. 

There is a separate enclosed smoker’s lounge with even more exclusive alcohol in the case and cigars. The place also offers free secured Wi-Fi. But what takes the cake is the facilities and the small details that have been paid attention to in the restrooms. The spotless and clean spaces offer cloth hand towels, hand creams, gels, and even small packs of contact lens solutions. The best is yet to come! There is no dress code! Come as you are – in jeans or dress. The place welcomes you and treats you as a special guest.

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 32, 8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland
Phone: +41 43 819 17 17
Email: [email protected]