In Thai culture wellness is a part of the tradition, rather than the “trend” we see today, it’s a practice that has been honed and refined over centuries to a point now where there is a huge global demand for Thai Spa, herbal treatments, and massages. It’s not easy to find a reputable and reliable practitioner however if you’d lucky enough to live in or visit Germany or Thurgau in Switzerland then we strongly recommend Muse Thai Wellness.

Spa Double Room

A muse can best be described as a source of inspiration and creativity, a somewhat guiding light, and for visitors, Muses of traditional Thai massage await in the region of Konstanz. At Muse Thai Wellness knowledgeable, experienced, and intuitive masseurs are coupled with the appropriate décor, sounds, scents, and oils, to create the perfect atmosphere for a traditional Thai massage like no other.

Thai Massage itself is broad and has been developed over centuries, it can help prevent or relieve several ailments as well as improve mental health. It’s for this reason the Thai Wellness massage can consist of several different stretches, movements, joint mobilizations, and pressure points, as well as the use of hand, thumbs, knees, elbows, and feet.

Muse Spa Room

At Muse Thai wellness you can expect all of this to be put into practice with a range of massages to choose from including a Hot Stone Massage, Problem Area Massage, Asian Foot Massage, KoNaSchu (specialised for head, neck, and shoulder), Nuad Thai Nammanh (ancient healing touch) and event massage (available on request).

Buddha Statue

In addition to this, a plethora of oils are also utilised to maximise the advantageous property of each relative to any ailment or need. Lavender, Coconut, Leelavadee, Rice, Rose, and Basic oils are all on hand.

Overall, a Thai wellness massage is much deeper and more multifaceted than you’d expect so finding an accomplished practitioner may not be easy but for those who are willing Muse Thai Wellness awaits!

In conversation with Frank and Buppha

Frank and Buppha

1) What motivated you to open a Thai Massage Spa in Constance?

Buppha: I love being by the water. Here in Konstanz you can live and work directly on the lake. Here I can best pursue my greatest passion, Thai massage.

Frank: In addition, the people of Constance and the region appreciate Thai massage very much.

2) What are the advantages of Thai massage?

Buppha: In my home country, Thai massage is part of the daily ritual and has already saved many people so many courses to the doctor due to their preventive effect.

Thai massage can prevent many diseases and sufferings – while being a pleasant and beneficial method to get rid of everyday stress and relax properly.

Frank: Thai massage with its health-promoting effects on nature, body, mind, and soul of man makes it a particularly valuable and unique treatment. After all, Aristotle already knew: “The whole thing is more than the sum of its parts.

3) What are the different types of Thai massage and which would you recommend for beginners?

Buppha: First is the classic Thai massage, and then continue the Thai reflexology massage of the feet and Thai massage with herbal stamp.

Frank: for people who can enjoy a Thai massage for the first time I would recommend the classic Thai massage with oil. The massage can be performed in various intensities.

Buppha: whereby the masseuse can immediately respond to the customer’s reaction. The other two massages are intense massages that go into the depths of the body.

Spa 4) How to compare Thai massage techniques with, for example, Swedish massage or shiatsu massage.

Buppha: If the rubbing and kneading of the skin are essential elements, traditional Thai massages can also positively influence internal or distant organs by means of the remote effect.

A Swedish massage is a form of massage in which, as with connective tissue massage, gentle striking and circular movements are combined with deeply effective kneading.

Unlike other massage techniques such as Thai massage, the masseur practicesShiatsualways very gentle pressure. Pressure pain does not arise.

5) in Thailand wellness is a valued ‘’tradition. Why do they think that is so and they believe that the rest of the world can learn from it.

Buppha: Traditional Thai massage is also associated with Buddhism in its current practice. It is used with Metta (the usual term for loving goodness). Masters are usually deeply religious people who perform the massage in a state of mindfulness, uniformity, compassion, and joy. This can be taken as a model of how to deal with each other in general.

In today’s world, an indispensable point.

6) Which wheel would you give someone who wants to open their own massage center?

Frank: first I would say he should respond to customers. He should try to meet customer requirements and exceed expectations. He should see the customer as a personal guest with absolute passion.

Buppha: We try to make our guest’s stay as pleasant as possible and always help them.

7) How did Covid affect business and how did they deal with it?

Frank: Of course, customer frequency has been reduced by the measures of the Covid regulations, and we both had to think about how we could draw attention even more and respond even more to the wishes of our guests.

We deal very openly with cleanliness and hygiene, i.e. for example, our guests can disinfect their hands automatically and without touching the device when entering our practice.

Our guests immediately get a positive impression of all the senses when entering our rooms.

Our guests should notice that we are preparing our massage rooms exclusively for them.

Buppha: We make sure that we employ very well-trained staff and always train them to withstand everyone on the same knowledge.

We all always want to be at our service.

Frank: But we also want to point out that we want to expand and strengthen our presence on the Internet.

8) Your favorite place to travel and why?

Our favorite destination is of course Thailand
Why? It is home to Buppha and people are very hospitable.
We always go directly to the sea – we love the water.
We enjoy every moment we can spend by the sea.
The sea decelerates us and brings us to rest.
It is a wonderful moment we were able to experience in Thailand.

Judges’ Feedback

  • A knowledgeable inhouse team that allows for depth and quality of service when it comes to Thai Wellness.
  • Fantastic online reviews that routinely praise the overall experience, setting, staff, and products.
  • Excellent customer service as evidenced byonline reviewsandfeedback from the TH Awards team.
  • An informative and easy to navigate website that fully explains the purpose of Thai massage, services on offer, prices, and how to get in touch.

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