Mount Yōtei is located in south west of Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan. It’s known as “Ezo Fuji (Ezo is an old name for Hokkaido)” because it resembles Japan’s most beloved mountain, Mt. Fuji. There is quite a difference however, Mt. Yōtei (1898m) is not nearly as tall as Mt. Fuji (3776m), but the shape and size stand out among other mountains in the area. Like Mt. Fuji, Mt. Yōtei is an active volcano, and the last eruption was 2500 years ago (there are about 200 volcanoes in Japan, and 60 of them are active). This picturesque volcano is listed as one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan.

Mount Yōtei

For the thrill seekers, Mount Yōtei has the longest vertical ski descent in Hokkaido. However, much planning is needed to make a successful ascent – bad weather comes in hard and fast in this region, so you need be aware of weather conditions and state of the road in order to make the climb. This is no leisurely day on the slopes – it’s a rigorous hike that will test your resolve and fitness.

Come in the summer and you can enjoy the area that surrounds Mount Yōtei, there are volcanoes, mountain ranges, valleys, rivers, amazing lakes, ponds and a wealth of natural wildlife. You can even do some rafting, and of course no visit to Japan is complete without a traditional Japanese hot spring (onsen). Other activities to be enjoyed in the summer iclude national park activities such as farming, jam making, and enjoying the seafood and fresh produce.