If you are a motorcycle enthusiast who loves riding through scenic landscapes and exploring historical sites, Legendary Rides is just the place for you. Join us through our Officially Certified Premium Tours and Rentals of Indian motorcycles and see for yourself the uniqueness of Greece’ s picturesque nature and world-renowned hospitality.

 Indian Motorcycles have a very rich history of innovation and here at Legendary Rides we offer you a choice of head turning models. All our Chieftains exude the vintage vibe this range is known while our Sixty Scout, with its iconic style is an excellent beginner bike if you are just getting started. Our models come with top-notch equipment and functions including Ride Command Infotainment System and keyless ignition. 

Our popular guided packages offer 4 comprehensive routes lasting anywhere between 3 and 9 days. Itineraries include riding through the gigantic breath-taking monumental rocks of Meteora and exploring the rich ancient culture of Peloponissos. These are fantastic if you prefer everything to be taken care off from the start.   We sort out accommodation in 4 star hotels (wherever available) guides meals and other miscellaneous essentials, so you have nothing to worry about. Just sit back and…ride. Also private guided tours for you and your friends, on your selected dates, can be arranged. 

If you prefer to explore the country on your own, we can also help you carefully plan your route in order to maximise your enjoyment. We have plenty of suggestions, including dos and don’ts, accommodation to suit your budget and we are able to answer any questions you might have that will make your solo adventure an unforgettable experience.

Legendary rides

Judges’ Feedback

  • Great tour options, visitors can choose from pre-designed tours or customise based on experience and time. 
  • Unique selling point in that this is the only corporation in the whole of Europe authorised by the Indian Motorcycle company to offer premium guided tours. 
  • Perfect reviews, general feedback highlights the overall experience, friendly tour leaders and good quality of motorcycles.
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