“Less is More…”

Founded in 2013 MM+ Interni e Architetture has been a mainstay in the beautiful city of Trevisio. With several projects spread across Italy it is no surprise that this is one of the country’s premier architecture firms.

Villa design

To better understand MM+ Interni e Architetture one must delve into the background and experience of the visionary founder, Marco Marchesi. Born in Bergamo, 1972, Marco’s family moved to Trevisio in 1975, a city renowned for its stunning architecture and one which Marco still calls home today. Marco’s love of architecture saw him attend the Iuav University of Venice, one of Italy’s first and most famous architecture schools. It is this learning experience that laid the groundwork for much of Marcos career. Immediately after graduating Marco began freelancing with his work attracting plaudits from all corners of the community including Italy’s association of architects.

Designed room

The next stage of Marcos career saw the establishment of Fedro achitetti associati in 2001, a boutique architecture firm specialising in several projects including building restoration, designing schools, industrial design and interior design. During this time Marco also worked as a teacher from 2003 to 2008 at his alma Mater, the Iuav University of Venice.

Dining room design

In 2013, Marco branched out on his own his experience culminated in a philosophy of elegance, contemporary architecture that is pragmatic, functional and most of all sustainable. Principles rooted in sustainability, minimalism, natural light and order are visible in much of the MM+ Interni e Architetture portfolio. 

Popular works include the beautiful RoVo’s house and Villa Meg. The restoration of Villa Agnolin is a great example of a modern interior upgrade without compromising on a building historical exterior.

Dining room design

Judges’ Feedback

  • Great leadership; You Marco, your vision and experience are vital.
  • Exceptional dedication one’s own design principles which are consistently demonstrated in the extensive portfolio of work.
  • Brilliant online reviews and feedback, customers are pleased with the professionalism, punctuality and approach.

MM+ logoWebsite: https://www.mmplus.it/
Address: Via Marzolo 1, 31100, Treviso, Italy
Phone: +39 0422 1581715
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