Meditation is the practice of using a technique to train attention and awareness so one can achieve a mentally clear, stable and emotionally calm state. Meditation can reduce stress, anxiety and depression as well as increase self-peace, perception and wellbeing. 

A 2017 meta-analysis on the effects of meditation found that practices had a small to medium influence on self-reported and observable outcomes relating empathy, compassion and prosocial behaviors.

The most common way people meditate is to sit down usually on the floor, in a quite place, close eyes and relax breathing. Once in this position there are few different types of meditation you can undertake. Love-Kindness or Metta meditation is used to cultivate an attitude of love and kindness towards everything including sources of stress. Mindful meditation is a form of meditation that urges one to remain aware and present in the moment. The goal of transcendental meditation is to breathe slowly and rise above a person’s current state of being. 

Finally, Kundalini yoga is an active form of meditation that blends movement with deep breathing. This can improve physical strength, reduce pain and improve mental wellbeing.

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