Luxury Villas are a cut above the standard in terms of services on offer and how they operate. These properties and their providers will go beyond normal expectation in terms of services, décor and privacy to offer a high life experience. 

Luxury villas can be characterised by a certain criterion and we’ve outlined each.

Style and Design

Whether it be contemporary minimalism or traditional elegance, luxury villas are always defined by its style. A luxury villa needs to offer more than just your basic property with all the usual furnishings. Careful planning and panache for the end user experience must be on display in the décor, lighting, artwork, exterior and use of open space. 


This one may be tricky as it falls into two parts that may not always complement each other. The first is the destination, whether it be a beautiful countryside landscape or stunning sea views, selecting the perfect place is key. Second is privacy, a luxury villa is nothing without seclusion and discretion. The two combined present the perfect location but this may not always be a possibility.


Luxury comes with a feeling of safety and freedom. State of the art appliances and security systems are a must. High tech TV’s, sound systems, kitchen appliances and security are probably the most understated features of a luxury villa. 

Outdoor Spaces

A stylistic and state of the art indoor should always be matched with the same outdoors. A luxury villa must flow effortlessly between indoors and outdoors especially given the recent rise in popularity of outdoor living spaces. 


Fully staffed villas are far above the ordinary. Cooks, cleaners, a concierge, butlers, drivers and security personnel may seem like an extravagance but for some this presents the norm. These roles are expected to be fulfilled by either the owners beforehand or through a guest’s own team. 


A luxury villas peaceful sanctuary. Needs to be spacious, well-lit and homely. Soft pillows and a high-quality linen are a must along with an en-suite. 

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