Europe is one of the most beautiful places on earth to find yourself. Packed with history, culture, art, unique cuisine, and some of the most spectacular natural beauty the world has to offer, there’s hardly a better place to be if you’re interested in having luxurious experiences. 

And how much more luxurious can you get than golf courses and their accompanying accommodations and amenities? Stunning nature, exquisite views, and luxury dining are just a few of the things they have to offer. 

We’ve compiled a list of the most luxurious golf courses to visit in Europe. Put these on your bucket list if you live for a luxury experience because you’ll find beautiful architecture, impeccable service, and absolute tranquillity in these settings. 

Grab your golf clubs and your favorite person and get ready to experience the best golf resorts Europe has to offer! 

Finca Cortesin Golf, Spain 

Finca golf

Image via Finca Cortesin Golf

This resort golf course boasts everything you’d want in a luxury getaway, whether golf-related or not! Stunning mountain and Andalucia coast views, a stone’s throw from the postcard-picturesque village of Casares, and a wait-on-you-hand-and-foot kind of service… 

And that’s not even mentioning the fantastic golf. It’s consistently rated one of the country’s top courses to play, and the course is expertly weaved through the natural landscape so it feels like it’s been there all along. 

It’s meticulously cared for, with not a blade of grass out of place. The greens are true and speedy, the fairways excitingly undulating, and all the while you’re treated to a gorgeous sea view. 

When you’re finished your round, the Andalusian architecture of the hotel welcomes you to a luxurious off-course experience. Relax and allow yourself to be served delicately prepared and delectably flavored Mediterranean cuisine, float in the ocean-view pool, treat yourself to a spa experience or catch a tan in the always-stunning Spanish weather. 

Luton Hoo Hotel Golf and Spa, England

Luton Hoo Hotel Golf

Image via Luton Hoo

Welcome to the quintessential British luxury experience. Whatever your idea of a luxurious getaway entails, chances are you’ll find it at the Luton Hoo. 

You’ll be greeted by the Mansion House, an 18th-century artwork of a building that houses lovely accommodations, an award-winning restaurant, and comprehensive conference facilities. 

The County Club is nearby and offers everything you may need to keep you busy during the lovely British days. A gym, tennis courts, biking and walking routes, bird watching, clay pigeon shooting, golf, and a fully-equipped spa (complete with infinity pool). 

Speaking of golf, golfers will find the course to be an exciting challenge, as well as a stunning walk. It winds through the natural landscape and is abundant with various species of trees and wildflowers. 

It’s one of the longest courses you’ll find in the UK, and interestingly, you won’t find a single bunker on the course. You will, however, find a variety of water hazards, tricky doglegs, and an intimidating tree right in front of hole 9’s green. 

Le Touquet Golf Resort, France 

Le Touquet Golf

Image via Le Touquet Gold Resort

If the romantic in you loves the idea of a luxurious vacation in France (with some golf on the side), Le Touquet Golf Resort offers everything you need to feel at home while enjoying a deluxe experience. 

The Anglo-Norman-designed Manor Hotel has an old-world charm to it that makes it feel warm and welcoming. Choose from five different room styles to suit your own luxurious environment needs. 

Situated on 350 hectares beautifully landscaped with both forest and dunes, every area of this hotel has a beautiful nature view. 

It also makes for spectacular golf, with the resort offering 3 separate courses (two 18-hole and one 9-hole). There’s truly something for every golfer here, with a tricky links-style course, a smoother, more traditional ones, and a 9-hole practice course. 

And let’s not forget the fantastic French cuisine that comes as a standard here. Between the eclectic but luxury Table of the Manor restaurant and the contemporary but oh-so-local The Spoon at the clubhouse, you’ll experience a taste of true French life. 

Schloss Hotel Pichlarn Spa & Golf Resort, Austria 

Hotel Schloss Aerial

Image via Schloss Hotel

How’s this for luxury – staying in a castle at the foot of the snow-covered Austrian Alps, indulging in culinary delights from breakfast to late-night dessert, and pampering yourself with a massage, a spa treatment, or a sauna session. 

If you want to take advantage of the pet-friendly 18-hole golf course (one of the oldest in Austria) and its majestic views, a summer visit is a must. Winter is no less fun, though, with skiing and winter hiking on the agenda. 

Other unique deluxe experiences that you can choose to partake in include a steam bath or infrared room, heated whirlpools, Ayurvedic treatments, a variety of beauty treatments, and a wine lounge for those with a discerning palate, and a top-notch cigar lounge for cigar connoisseurs. 

The cuisine promises to delight your senses, with multiple restaurants and cafes on site. If you’re feeling like breakfast in bed or a private, delectable dinner for two, room service is every bit as luxurious as a restaurant meal. 

Toscana Resort Castelfalfi, Italy 

Castelfalfi golf aerial view

Image via Toscana Resort Castelfalfi

Food, wine, and golf… Where better to visit than Italy to experience all three in one luxurious package? Surrounded by classic Italian countryside complete with olive trees and vineyards, you’ll be treated to gorgeous views of the Tuscan hills no matter the season. 

There are more than 8 centuries of history in this spectacular region, and the 5-star villa-style hotel mixes modern and medieval in an effortlessly enchanting way. Rooms are split between the main hotel and the old tobacco warehouse, allowing you your choice of chic modern (elegant and smooth), or old traditional (romantic and classic). 

The golf is also fantastic, with 27 holes of play and jaw-dropping 360-degree views. The 18-hole Mountain Course is among the most technical in the country, so don’t take it lightly! But less experienced or junior golfers will find the Lake Course to be just the right combination of enjoyment and challenge to complement the rest of the resort experience. 

Other wonderful experiences you can try here include beekeeping, harvesting olives, truffle hunting, horseback riding, survival courses, renting a Ferrari for a day, oil & cheese tasting, cheese, chocolate, or pizza making, and hot air balloon rides. 

No matter what your idea of luxury is, you can experience it at Toscana Resort Castelfalfi. 

Banner Image credits: mk__s via Unsplash