Lónkot, a tourist retreat located in Iceland, by the magnificent Arctic Ocean, has quickly become a popular tourist destination for guests. To explore and discover Lonkot like never before, choose to stay at Lonkot Rural Resort. 

Experience Iceland’s Rural Side

Thanks to its flawless service and memorable experiences that it manages to provide its guests, the resort has received endless praises. It used to be a farm and the farmhouses were only converted into guest houses and restaurants in 1991-1995. It was ten years later that the houses received a massive upgrade and were converted into a single unit representing the resort. The initiative was taken by a family, who decided to turn sheep houses into rooms and barn lofts into different areas of the resort. This is also one of the many reasons behind the rooms being cozy with a relaxing atmosphere. Each part of the resort opens to views of the mountains and sea. 

The resort offers six rooms for you to choose from. Three of the rooms provide guests with access to private bathrooms that come with basic amenities such as a hairdryer, bathrobes, toiletries, bathroom slippers, and towels. Laundry services can be arranged for guests upon request too. Even though the resort is located amidst a beautiful, green landscape, far away from metropolitan cities, it offers unlimited internet connectivity to the guests. For entertainment, guests can enjoy satellite television that come with hundreds of different channels as well as a DVD player. The resort is an ideal location for any celebratory events as well. Due to its stunning location, events such as wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations or even a family get-togethers will remain etched in your memories forever. 

Lónkot Rural Resort

For your gastronomic requirements, thoughtfully prepared local cuisine options are served with high-quality freshly-sourced ingredients. Imagine having the perfect, authentic meal with a breathtaking view of the mountains and sea? It is made possible at Lonkot. 

Besides its service, the resort is also sought after due to its location in Hofsós. While the whole of Iceland is magnificent to explore, Hofsós in itself has something unique and special to offer in terms of experience to its guests. Hofsós, located on the banks of Skagafjörður Fjord in north Iceland, is a historic trading port overlooking the stunning island of Drangey. It is among the very few places that hasn’t developed completely, as a result of which, it’s a friendly little village that comes alive in the summer with tourists, hikers and seasonal residents. 

Getting Around

The resort itself is situated close to several tourist attractions. Among these is the Icelandic Immigration Centre, which is a wonderful museum that details the mass emigration of Icelanders to North America in the late 1800s. The Icelandic Emigration Centre bears testimony to that whole period in Icelandic history, largely through people’s individual stories, which are completely captivating. 

Another important activity to experience while in Hofsós is taking a boat cruise on Skagafjörður. There are numerous incredible geological formations around the resort that can only be seen from the sea. Most of them are on the sea side of the Þórðarhöfði promontory that juts out into the sea with a sheer drop at the end. 

If you’re the kind who enjoys a quick cruise, then you better hop onto the boat journey on Skagafjörður. While you’re at it, you can even indulge in fishing. Besides this, the Hofsós swimming pool is also among the many unmissable experiences. This gorgeous pool, which opened a couple of years ago, was a gift to the town by two heiresses who live in the area. Rather than building private pools at their own residences they decided to finance the construction of a pool in the town, for everyone to enjoy. The design is magnificent – it’s an infinity pool, meaning that while you are swimming you have the impression of it stretching on into the ocean beyond. 

Lonkot provides you with unlimited experiences and gives you a chance to explore the rural side of Iceland. Take a break from your moribund routine and feel nature like never before at Lonkot Rural Resort. 

Lónkot Rural ResortAddress: Lónkot, 76, 566 Hofsós, Iceland
Phone: +354 453 7432
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