London is one of the most visited cities in the world, so much in fact that many people will travel to the capital of England multiple times. London is popular for good reason, it’s a vibrant, multicultural, has tons of historical sites, loads of attractions, excellent shopping centres, good restaurants and a buzzing nightlife. Surrounding London however there are some equally great places just waiting to be explored, we’ve suggested three daytrips away from the city.


A famous UNESCO World Heritage site often associated with the United Kingdom. A Neolithic and Bronze age stone monument located in Wiltshire about 90 miles west of London. Stonehenge is a picture opportunity you don’t want to miss. With history dating back over 4000 years it’s still a mystery today as to how the stones got there or what purpose they serve. One you’ve seen the stones you can stay a little longer to enjoy the local landscape.

Windsor Castle

Said to be the queens favourite residence and the host of two recent royal weddings this castle is a treat.  It’s over 900 years old and despite its daily use by the royal family much of the palace and its grounds are still open to the public.


The second city of the United Kingdom has enjoyed a resurgence in recent times and has become something of cultural and shopping hub. Popular spots include world famous Cadburys world, the Jewellery quarter, Birmingham museum and art gallery, the Bull ring shopping centre and black country living museum.  It’s easily reachable by train or coach from London 

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