Provence, situated in southeastern France, near the Mediterranean Sea, is known for its distinctive landscape. Provence casts an enchanting spell on every traveler. The spectacular countryside of the region makes you feel at home the moment you set foot. The remarkable history of the region further mesmerizes its visitors. However, the biggest treasures of Provence are its picturesque lavender fields.

The sweet aroma and soothing color of these lavender fields lure tourists from all over the world during the harvest season. These lavender fields are strewn in abundance all across Provence. However, most of them cultivate hybrid lavender called lavandin. It produces a stronger scent but lacks the medicinal properties of true lavender. 

If you wish for a rendezvous with the finest lavender of this region, you have to venture to the less accessible Haute-Provence. It is here that you will find endless stretches of authentic lavender growing in abundance at the esteemed Le Chateau du Bois estate. The estate has been continuing the tradition of producing fine lavender since 1890. 

Le Chateau du Bois

An Inspiring Tale of One Dedicated Family

Nestled amidst the arid mountains of Provence, Le Chateau du Bois is a flourishing 350-hectare estate, with 110 hectares of vibrant lavender fields. It is situated at a height of 1100 meters, between the Luberon region and Mount Ventoux. Apart from growing fine lavender, the estate is also a pioneer in the field of organic cosmetics. 

The quality of Le Chateau du Bois’ products has charmed consumers across the globe. However, what many people overlook is the passion and perseverance of the Lincele family – the backbone of this flourishing lavender estate. Four generations of the family have devoted their lives to preserve the tradition of growing and protecting authentic lavender. It is this zeal that has helped them turn their love for the precious plant into a thriving business.

What sets their products apart is the effort they put in so as to not compromise on the quality of their lavender. This brand philosophy is echoed in each one of their products, from the essential oils to the natural cosmetics and perfumes. In fact, the family has been using the same method for distillation of lavender oil since the inception of Le Chateau du Bois.

The same ideology is applied across all their product ranges. They are made from completely natural and plant-based ingredients. It is not astonishing that these products have the coveted Ecocert® certification as a mark of their authenticity. The Lincele family’s sincere and honest efforts have been instrumental in transforming Le Chateau du Bois into a benchmark of authentic lavender. 

Many of their competitors have succumbed to the temptation of industrialization and modernization. They have resorted to the production of hybrid varieties of lavender. These are easier to grow and maintain and have a more powerful aroma. However, they lack the therapeutic values and benefits that earned lavender its ancient name – “blue gold”.

Le Chateau du Bois supersedes its competitors by staying true to its roots. Instead of devising efforts to maximize profits, the Lincele family strives to uphold the art and tradition of growing fine lavender. Today, the brand has become synonymous with quality, integrity, and honesty.

In order to further preserve this heritage, the family inaugurated the Lavender Museum in 1991. It is located in Coustellet in the heart of the Luberon region. The unique museum allows tourists to enjoy a glimpse of the rich history and heritage associated with lavender and its essential oils.

The story of Le Chateau du Bois is not only that of a successful estate that produces fine lavender. It is the continuing saga chronicling one family’s determination to prevent a rich tradition from dying. The widespread adulation and admiration for the brand is just an outcome of the Lincele family’s sustained endeavors.

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