Located in Luberon, an area rich in historical and cultural traditions as well as natural beauty, the Lavender Museum makes for a different and unique excursion. It is the cultural extension to the family owned Lavender Estate, located in the dry mountains of Provence at 1100 meters of altitude. This precious and rare flower has an exquisite fragrance and healing properties and is a major element of the most photographed landscapes in the world.

Known as the conservatory of Fine Lavender, the museum offers guided tours for groups and individuals, workshops, DIY activities, and exclusive events for the whole family and all lovers of this queen flower from Provence. 

If you are a true lavender enthusiast, the tradition and heritage tour allows you to discover the art of fine lavender in every aspect imaginable: discovery and production, harvest and distillation and also its numerous uses. Known as the ‘swiss army knife” of aromatherapy you find out about the multiple benefits of true lavender, used medicinally since Roman times

For an all-round sensory experience, you are invited to a journey to your senses in the 5 senses workshop, led by a professional guide. Who knew a painting could be perceived in so many different ways!

If you are lucky enough to visit the area in the summer, why not join the free live distillation workshop and see fresh lavender flowers be magically distilled into precious essential oils! A traditional and captivating moment that will surely remain unforgettable.

Lavender Museum Luberon

Judges’ Feedback

  • Excellent range of tours and workshops on offer, visitors can expect a fully immersive and informative experience in the growth benefit and use of lavender. 
  • Outstanding professionalism and service exemplified by the work completed previously the TH Awards Team. 
  • Fantastic online reviews and feedback. Overall visitors are pleased with the quality of service, location, value for money, gift shop and staff.
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