Experience incredible wellness with all your senses at Lanai Nature Thai Massage Spa. At Lanai, you will receive professional treatments in a stunning setting with incomparable ambience. We are surrounded by nature and lush greenery and this enhances the calming experience of your treatment of choice.

Lanai has been providing expert Thai massage treatments for 3 decades. Thai massage works by gently stretching tendons, ligaments and muscles in a way that allows the body to completely relax. The targeted Thai massage grips also improve the flow of energy in the body. Headaches, fatigue and similar complaints can be significantly alleviated. Blockages are released and overall well-being is restored.

At Lanai you can also try a therapeutic steam bath that strengthens the immune system, stabilizes the heart and circulation and regulates the skin’s water balance. The aromatic steam clears the airways and strengthens breathing.

Experience our state-of-the-art Whirlpool treatment. Hydrotherapy has long been used with great success. The pleasant hydromassage has a demonstrably positive effect on your overall well-being due to the combination of water and heat. Gentle floating in the water has shown to relieve joints, spine and ligaments and helps reduce pain and inflammation.

Due to the current world pandemic, we have taken strict measures in line with the German Health authorities. We use professional cleaning and disinfecting equipment on a daily basis so customers can rest assured that our hygiene standards are nothing less than perfect

Lanai Thai Massage

Judges’ Feedback

  • Fantastic use of natural, traditional, and sustainable remedies. The focus and commitment to responsible sustainability is commendable.
  • Brilliant online reviews, visitors are mostly please with the professional service, treatments, location, and atmosphere.
  • Excellent range of treatments, massages are designed to be catered for all including families with children and those short on time.
Lanai Thai MassageAddress: Bierpohlweg 159, 32425 Minden, Germany
Phone: +49 571 43435