Deep in the heart of French-speaking Canada, and just down the river from the beautiful, fortified capital of Quebec, is the magnificent Île d’Orléans. And tucked away on this peaceful and historic district is la Maison de l’île d’Orléans. A boutique two-room hotel with a conscience, it’s a fine way to spend some time when you’re in Canada.

Exterior La Maison

The house itself sits on land just a stone’s throw away from the wide and majestic St Lawrence River. Owned by a succession of intrepid female owners, the current proprietor is Sylvie, who made her bones in the hospitality industry and has brought a slice of exotic excitement back from her time on Terre de Haut Guadeloupe.

The two well-appointed rooms in la Maison come complete with huge beds, period-appropriate furniture, fast Wi-Fi, and smart TVs. And to make the most of your stay, there’s a private pool on the grounds as well.


Bed & breakfast has been done already. The passionate owners of la Maison decided to kick things up a notch and provide an exclusive and luxurious four course brunch for their guests. Fervent supporters of the “slow food” movement, Sylvie and Yves make sure that everything on the menu is sourced from the island itself and prepared with love.

Food at La Maison orleans

Orleans Island, as it’s known in English, is a thin sliver of land on the St Lawrence River and is a protected heritage area. It feels like a time capsule, showing the land as it was when French settlers arrived centuries before. With just 7,000 inhabitants, it’s a wonderfully quiet place to explore and take time out.

Bathroom painting

And if you’re looking for a slice of European-like city life, the fascinating capital, Quebec City, is just a half hour drive away across the grand Pont de l’Île. À ta santé!

Judges’ Feedback

  • A fantastic location right in the heart of Quebec makes for a great stay for tourists.
  • Gastronomic delights served by the owners of la Maison are a particular favorite among visitors.
  • The boutique nature of the hotel with the comfort of a B&B is a wonderful combination.

Contact Info

La Maison LogoAddress: 21 Rte du Mitan, Saint-Jean-de-l’Île- d’Orléans, QC G0A 3W0, Canada
Tel: +1 5817486268