Unspoilt Kefalonia is one of the most picturesque and naturally beautiful resort Islands in Greece. Considered a late entrant to the tourist scene in comparison to its better-known neighbours Zante and Corfu, the island is now getting in the recognition it deserves. Kefalonia is known for its lush forests, majestic mountain, superb beaches and beautiful waters. In 1953 an earthquake destroyed most buildings so a lot of the towns on the island lack that authentic and traditional feel you might find elsewhere however the natural beauty of the island more than makes up for this. If you’re keen on a chilled holiday in an idyllic setting, then Kefalonia is the place for you.

Getting into Kefalonia is simple, the island home to a small international airport near the capital Argostoli however it can get a little crowded during the high season. Another popular way to get in is via the ferries, there are routes between Italy and mainland Greece. 

On Kefalonia you will find many fantastic resort towns to choose from for you holiday. The capital Argostoli is always buzzing and has a vibrant night life scene. Lassi and Skala are popular with those looking for a more traditional beach stay. Faskardo is the only village left standing following the 1953 earthquake, it retains that Greek charm and authenticity. 

The landscape of Kefalonia is pristine. Beaches, whether they be sand or pebble, are breath-taking and well maintained. Myrtos beach with its turquoise waters and surrounding high cliffs is considered the best on the island. If mountains are more your scene then you need not worry, the Ainos mountain will suffice. There are plenty of hiking routes, semi-wild horses to see and the peak, Megas Soros is 1628 metres high. The mountain is covered with a lush forest of Kefalonia fir, unique to the island. 

When it comes to food the islands of the Ionian Sea have their own traditions that vary from the rest of Greece and Kefalonia is no different. A local speciality is a rich and hearty Kefalonian meat pie that can contain up to 3 types of meat. With all the coastal towns, fresh sea food is always available and delicious. The local wine, Robola, is a tasty white wine that is widely available and popular souvenir. It’s one of the islands biggest exports.

Accommodation wise Kefalonia has it all. From luxury resorts and villas to small locally owned guest houses and sea view apartments. Two-time travel and hospitality award winner Volidiera guest house is our pick of the bunch and profiled next page.

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