Japan’s Northernmost and second largest island, Hokkaido, is one of its most beautiful islands. It can be reached directly from Tokyo on a 4-hour train, so it is secluded but reasonably reachable. It is known for its beautiful landscapes, ski slopes, volcanoes and some amazing fauna and flora. As it is home to some truly wonderful natural feats, take advantage of Kanehide Kaneshiu as they help you get up close to one of the very best highlights of the island – the Blue Caves.

The absolute highlight of your trip here will undoubtedly be the Blue Caves, the mystical blue waters are amazing and need to be seen to be believed. Enjoy a fun cruise with your friendly and knowledgeable guide/captain as he takes you an adventure to discover one of the world’s most hidden gems.

Kanehide Kaneshiu

The Blue Caves are also home to some stunning wildlife, admire from the comfort and safety of your cruise as you watch the fishes and sea urchins gallop by. Then there is the main attraction, the Blue Cave its alluring turquoise waters are full of mystique and you can appreciate the serene calm that emanates from the caves as you admire their beauty.

By taking a cruise with Kanehide Kaneshiu, you can enjoy the Blue Caves in safety and comfort. Shafts of sunlight pierce through the cave as you float along, reflecting off the serene blue water creating an almost natural skylight. Other sensory delights include the calming sound of waves gently lapping off the cave walls as you kick back and relax.

Judges’ Feedback

  • An amazing experience, visitors can see a unique natural phenomenon
  • Outstanding online reviews that highlight the customer service as well as overall experience
  • Affordable, safe and efficient cruise
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