Jordan Allure Tours is a boutique travel agency creating personalized travel experiences that connect travelers to Middle East destinations in meaningful and sustainable ways. They do this by providing deluxe custom itineraries and promoting cultural exchange with local associations, workshops and families.  The company’s owners, the Nawafleh family, are descended from one of the prominent families in Petra and have been involved in tourism for generations. Their concern is always to provide superior experiences for the clients while supporting the local

communities as much as possible and strengthening them with the highest standards of professionalism required from every business and individual involved in the tours.   Jordan Allure Tours recognizes that the modern luxury traveler is interested in having unforgettable, authentic experiences while giving back to the communities they visit.  It is a challenge to learn about the unknown. Through their love of country, Jordan Allure Tours invites the traveler to treasure Jordan so that a unique connection is made not only with the land but with the people.

Jordan Allure Tours

Judges’ Feedback

  • Extremely positive online reviews that highlight excellent customer service, a great travel experience, tailor made approach and attention to detail 
  • Encouraging company values that are focused around satisfying customers needs and dedication to customising a personalised experience 
  • Good range of pre-packaged tours on offer, a well thought out variety. Options include family, eco-friendly, classical and pilgrimage tours.

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Jordan Allure ToursAddress: Beit Zaman Heritage Resort Tourism Street P.O.Box: 107 Petra Wadi Musa 71810 Jordan
Phone: +962 3 215 9345
Email: [email protected]