This company was founded in 2014, its mission to strive and work hard to provide a professional transportation service to people coming to St Lucia, they specialize in island tours, luxury and private transfers to and from the airport and other fun actions tours like Piton Hike, horseback riding, snorkeling and so much more. All of the tours and transfers are private. With the best drivers as part of our team, they have been in the tourism industry for a few years now and deliver a professional service to all clients. The vehicles are well maintained, clean and comfortable. They go all out to satisfy the client’s needs.

 Every single tour with Island Taxi brings nothing but fun, excitement, joy and laughter. You can rest assured you will be going back home with memories not only to remember but to put in a frame on the wall with lots of different photos taken here on the island. All the tours can be customized and are unique in their own way, with knowledgeable drivers who can tell you everything about the island.

Island Taxi & Tours

 Tours include; Island Tour, Piton Hike, Snorkelling Adventure, Horse Backing Riding, Cruise Excursion and Boat Charters/Tours. Each and every tour is unique and special in its own way and offers an incredible insight into the wonderful St Lucia. The snorkelling tour is one for those seeking adventure, sunshine and fun. With the Pitons being a world heritage site, one of the best places for snorkelling is at the base of these pitons with some of the finest underwater habitats in the Caribbean, this is some of the best snorkelling you can do anywhere in the world!

 No matter which tour you choose to do, you will be left with a smile on your face and a head full of amazing memories thanks to Island Taxi & Tours!

Judges’ Feedback

  • A well-defined and exciting brand identity that is consistent across the website and social media platforms
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  • Excellent customer service as highlighted by numerous online reviews
Island Taxi & ToursAddress: Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia
Phone: (844) 772-6200
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