Customer satisfaction is the number one predictor of successful sales revenue. With the staggering rise of social media over the last 2 decades, more and more sales-related interactions take place on online social platforms. Traditional telephone and even email communications are being slowly phased out and replaced with more technologically savvy, often automated intelligent interaction systems. In this fast-changing online universe, customers’ complex multi-dimensional needs remain the highest priority.  

Customer Engagement Platforms are the newest tech trend arrival set to revolutionise the way different types of businesses interact with their customers.

What is a Customer Engagement Platform?

Also known as Guest Engagement Platforms, these are comprehensive systems that help centralise the entire journey of a customer’s experience, even past the sales point. The aim of such a platform is two-fold. First, it serves as a way of optimising customers experience and offering them a superior service, tailormade to their specific requirements. Second, it enhances businesses’ operational efficiency and reduces associated costs, therefore maximising revenue.

You can expect a Guest Engagement Platform to contain a range of tools including email, chat, social media, calendars and notes. It is a way of efficiently organising customer data and can be designed to offer real-time response to customers’ needs. They have integrated intelligent tools including behaviour analysis and virtual assistants that are able to contextualise behaviour and offer appropriate solutions

Optimising Customer Experience

A business is nothing without satisfied, loyal customers. Engagement platforms strengthen the bond between business and customer in a variety of ways.

  • they can learn the customers’ pain points and address them effectively in very little time. 
  • they can minimise effort on behalf of the customer and make whatever process smooth and
  •  they offer a portal of instant response where customers can give feedback via the platform in real-time.

Helping businesses perform better by:

  • providing automated data management saving time and cost
  • offering high-quality service across all domains of a customer’s experience.

Practical Applications

Webee Guest Engagement platform offers an all-inclusive tool that makes it possible to interact with guests in real-time during all stages of their journey. At the click of a button, guests can do anything from checking in to their toom without the need for key cards to arranging for laundry to be picked up on demand. The App is extremely intuitive making it easy and stress-free to use for both staff and guests who want a smooth experience. Mid-stay surveys is another function of the app (and one that is being adopted by many other online traveling platforms), giving customers the option to flag up any issues during the stay and allowing staff to iron out potential problems so that customer satisfaction is guaranteed and the relationship is strengthened further. 

Guest Engagement Platforms are becoming increasingly popular with many well-known companies already integrating them into their existing systems. With the current pace of technological innovation, such systems will likely replace older, outdated forms of customer interactions.

Importance of Customer Engagement Platform