We have a collection of unique hotels that include important palaces, mansions and castles. Immerse yourself in history in these amazing retreats.

Xara Palace, Malta

The hotel that you stay in during your vacation is much more than somewhere to lay your head each night. This will be your home for the duration of your trip and, in some cases, it can be a key part of your experience. In our portfolio we have dozens of wonderful unique hotels that hold historical significance and offer supreme luxury. If calling a prestigious palace, castle or mansion in a beautiful country sounds like a good holiday, then read on for a few of our favourite important retreats!

Located in the magnificent medieval walled town of Mdina in sunny Malta, Xara Palace is a stunning Baroque palace that has been restored by the owners. In addition to the beautiful building, you will find antique furniture, paintings and luxurious Parisian fabrics within each room.

As such an impressive building, it is actually a very popular tourist destination during the day. However, these tourists must leave in the evening so, as a guest, you are part of an exclusive club that gets to stay within the medieval walls once the sun goes down.

As well as the architecture and lovely rooms, Xara Palace boasts one of Mdina’s finest restaurants where you can enjoy exquisite Maltese, Mediterranean and French cuisine. Be sure to enjoy your meal with splendid views of the city from terraces that are perfectly situated on the city’s bastions.

Outside the accommodation, Mdina is a wonderful city with many important historical buildings, narrow cobbled streets and alluring bars, cafes and restaurants. As a fortified city, it has a unique ambience that makes it the perfect place for a leisurely stroll and the old architecture almost makes it feel like you have stepped back in time.

San Roque, Tenerife

This is one of our favourite unique hotels as it is an intriguing blend of traditional features (that include original pine floors and beams) with bold contemporary furniture and modern art. The seventeenth-century mansion and watch tower are just as striking from the outside with their bright red walls built in the traditional Canarian style.

Another lovely feature of this elegant mansion is the fact that guests can flick through the extensive collection of music and films that are available to enjoy in your suite – this helps it feel very homely during your stay.

San Roque is found in the old quarter of Garachicho, which is a charming harbour town that features colourful fishermen’s homes, huge mansions, peaceful plazas and inviting cobbled streets.

Kasbah Angour, Morocco

Nestled in the Atlas Mountains, Kasbah Angour is a boutique hotel within a Berber castle – this is an ideal spot for exploring the mountains and neighbouring villages, but you will also enjoy simply meandering around the idyllic property.

As a secluded and peaceful site, this hotel almost feels like a secret from the outside world and previous clients have loved the tranquillity found here. You are free to explore the luscious surrounding gardens which spread over 10 acres. Inside the hotel you will find traditional features, spacious rooms and comfortable furniture made by the locals.

If you do feel like venturing further afield, there is a team of local mountain guides that can take you deeper into the Atlas Mountains and show you around the nearby villages. You can also travel into the capital city of Marrakech which is a 30-minute drive (be warned, this is quite a change of pace from the tranquil hotel!).