Whether you’d like to take a boat tour around the famous Fort Boyard from Oleron Island or spend a peaceful evening by the Aix Island, Ile ou Aile Catamaran has a personalized programme for you all. The sailing company specializes in delivering memorable experiences for its guests. In their own words, they are the ultimate cruising specialists at Fort Boyard on the island of Oleron from Boyardville. 

They state, “A commented small-scale trip around the Fort Boyard, a day cruise to the island of Aix, celebrate an event on the Atlantic coast, a team-building seminar, attend a race start, Ile ou Aile will be happy to offer you the sailing cruise adapted to your desires.” 

Sail Away!

The company was established over 13 years ago with the objective of helping its guests discover their passion for sailing. The trips are carefully created for optimum comfort and total safety. The services are made available for interested guests with reduced mobility and almost everyone can enjoy it! Those who sign up for the services will receive the opportunity to enjoy the advantages of the navigation on the catamaran while travelling calmly and in complete safety with the young sailors. 

Ile ou Aile Catamaran

One of the company’s primary highlights include the comfort and safety it offers. The catamaran features a surface of 100 m2 which gives the guests the charm of sailing, flat on the water, without any lodging. It allows easy and safe travel for both children as well as the elders. The catamaran is designed to feature maximum accessibility available to people. For more thrills, the more intrepid can jump onto the vast net located at the front of the boat. What’s more? The famous Fort Boyard – which seems to be accessible only by sea is accessible via the catamaran! Thanks to its weak draft, Aile is the ideal boat to approach the mythical monument and go around in the best conditions. The cruise between the island of Aix, the island of Oleron and the Pertuis d’Antioche is commanded by the skipper who will answer your questions about Fort Boyard, boat, navigation and the marine world. The ride usually lasts for approximately one hour. Imagine a stroll in the sea cradled by the sound of the waves. This is the moment of great relaxation that guests experience with the sailing company. Enjoy the rich tranquil nature and succumb to the charm of sailing with your loved ones. 

As far as Fort Boyard is concerned, the crossing lasts for over an hour. A drink is also offered during the crossing. In case you plan on bringing your children along with you, they will be invited to participate in the maneuvers. The programme is designed in a specific manner, so that the guests receive the opportunity to make the most of their voyage on-route to Boyardville. You will receive the chance to enjoy viewing the beautiful marine life on your journey too. The island is especially magical as it has historical importance as well. Napolean spent his last days in France on this very island before embarking his final journey towards exile. Fort Liedot, which is located in the forest of the island, was converted into a temporary prison as well while the Algerian War was taking place. Before you commence the journey, however, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Bigger pieces of luggage can be arranged to be transported separately in small trailers. In order to provide maximum convenience, schedules of the programmes are usually provided to the guests at the time of the booking. Ile ou Aile Catamaran provides you the escape you need to get away from the daily hustle-bustle of the city life and takes you to magical lands where you can relax and rejuvenate before returning back. 

Ile ou Aile CatamaranAddress: Parking of Boyardville, 17190 Boyardville
Phone: + 33 6 62 53 60 62