Perched on a hill in Oia, Hyperion Oia Suites overlooks the breathtaking Caldera and Aegean Sea. Besides being at a great location, the primary highlight of Hyperion Oia are its fantastic suites. 

Greek Hospitality At It’s Finest

The suites here are modernly-decorated, yet let you get a taste of the beautiful nature that they are surrounded with. Each of the units go on to feature a separate living room, a master-size bedroom, a fully-equipped kitchen and a bathroom with advanced-technology shower. Basic entertainment amenities such as a wide, flat-screened satellite TV along with top-quality speakers are included at zero additional cost. You can enjoy a great deal of other facilities such as posh wardrobes, dining tables, safe-box and access to your own refrigerator, stocked with all the delicious eatables. However, the best part about the suites is their seating area, which lays perched on the room’s private deck. Experience the absolutely beautiful sea and caldera views from your own private balcony or while relaxing by the poolside.

You also get your very own, private-heated outdoor cave swimming pool. Nothing compares to the joy of relaxing in your own pool after a long day of travel. What’s more? Guests can make optimum use of hydro-massage facility in each of these pools. Apart from the hydro-massage facility, the pool also features an outdoor Albatross hot-tub which is large enough to fit an entire family! Imagine spending time with your loved ones over a piping hot cup of tea or perhaps, freshly-squeezed glass of grape wine while sitting back here. It’s as good as a dream! 

Hyperion Oia Suites

There are many other benefits of booking in with Hyperion Oia’s Beach Front Suites. The main one among them is the sense of privacy that the hotel staff offers. If you’re looking to escape your mundane, monotonous life and saying goodbyes to your weekly woes, then this is the perfect spot for you. Privacy in Caldera can be quite difficult to find, owing to its special morphology. However, the staff at Hyperion Oia Suites ensure that the spectacular views and large outdoor spaces are provided to you with utmost privacy. You need not worry about sharing spaces with other guests, if you don’t wish to. 

Needless to say, you won’t find the kind of view that Hyperion Oia’s Beach Front Suites offer in the rest of Caldera. At this prime location, you can enjoy the panoramic, unblocked vision of the extremely-popular sunset of Oia. You even get to experience the magnificence of the Aegean, Thirasia and Caldera Seas. Just below your private deck is access to the unique view to Ammoudi Bay too.

After spending time in solace, if you wish to take a walk and feel closer to the ethnicity of the region then you can simply walk to Oia Centre. It is a 5-minute walk from the hotel. This is where you will find the locals and tourists mingling around at cafes, restaurants and shops. The Oia Centre is also famous for its wonderful view of the sunset. In fact, it is commonly known throughout Caldera that thousands of individuals gather in the narrow lanes of Oia Centre every day at the same time to experience the spectacle of the sunset. It is known to be one of the world’s most breathtaking sunsets – the kind you experience once in a lifetime.

Besides being blown away by the beauty of the place, guests are also moved by the excellent service provided by Hyperion Oia. Come and experience the most enchanting place on Earth and do it in the most luxurious way possible. Hyperion Oia’s hearty and delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner spreads are absolutely mouthwatering. You have the option of customizing your meals, as per your wishes too. You can also enjoy a fine selection of wines along with other types of alcohol mixes. Enjoy Greek hospitality at its finest with Hyperion Oia.

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