Dubai is without a doubt, one of the finest holiday cities in the world. It’s a stunning modern metropolis, situated by the sea, and jam-packed full of unmissable restaurants, bars, tours, experiences, and attractions. One such experience is that of water sports, and for this, there’s no one better than Hydro Water Sports!


Hydro Water Sports, part of the international Hydro Sports Yachts & Boats Group, operating not just in Dubai but also in the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic and SOON in Montenegro, where they’re renowned for safety and high-quality standards, as well as a guest-centric approach.

Wind surfing

Within Dubai, Hydro Water Sports is partnered with and is a trusted service provider to many of the big luxury hospitality brands such as the Jumeirah Group, Anantara Hotels, the One & Only, and the Mandarin oriental. So, you know you’re in good hands.

Water ride

In terms of activities, there is a wide variety on offer that’s suited to all types of guests. For a high-octane experience, there’s flyboarding, jetpacking, jet skiing, hoverboarding, and jet surfing. For families with children, we recommend kneeboarding, a WOW ride, donut ride, pedalo boat, or a unique giant water bike. Or if you’re interested in a more relaxing and leisurely pursuit on the water then why not take up a bit of kayaking, or a trip on an electric boat? Beyond this Hydro Water Sports offer private yacht trips on board some of the most luxurious vessels in Dubai. If you’re interested in a private cruise for a few hours or a whole day, then Hydro Water Sports have you covered.

Fun water rides

Judges’ Feedback

  • Superb range of activities; over a dozen water sports are offered that cater to all sorts of guests as well as private yacht charter.
  • Fantastic brand and company value that’s further enhanced by a range of luxury hospitality and hotel partners.
  • Brilliant online reviews that routinely praise the overall experience, the staff, and activities.

Contact Information

Tel: +971 545985353