HOSTELANDTOURS LLC believes that quality service begins with the smallest of details and thus, works towards making your vacation experience as memorable as possible. Offering a multitude of packages to choose from, the tour company acknowledges that it is essential to make a difference. The company further recognizes that while they are new in the Armenian travel industry, they feel that their team of highly-trained professionals have done their best to ensure top-quality service and promoting Armenia tourism with a touch of Filipino hospitality.

An Exclusive Vacation Experience

In order to ensure that the guests are having a quality time, the company provides them with high-quality transport, including cars, buses, and even mini-buses. Moreover, they guarantee to send the most experienced of drivers, who are both great on the road and enthusiastic about what they do, providing you with a safe trip. In order to ensure the traveler’s maximum convenience, the company also offers transfers to/from the airport on demand. Their official website reads, “It is our highly professional and experienced drivers who make the difference with their exceptional attitude towards the work they do.”

If you have any special preferences, you can simply let them know. Following which, they make it a point to ensure that you get to enjoy every single minute of your time spent with them. The routes are also tailored based on the requirements of the guests.

The company consists of a separate customer service department, which is always ready to answer any queries that you might have. They take the responsibility to assist you with your concerns at any time of the day. The customer service department is capable of communicating in the following languages: Tagalog, Armenian, English, Russian, French, and Arabic.


If you choose to travel with this travel company then you open yourself to the possibility of traveling with experienced, multi-lingual drivers, and guides. Guests need not worry about anything else as the company is actively partnering with several reputable companies to meet the quality standards. From their official transport partners to accommodation providers, and travel agencies from different countries like Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Iran, Turkey, Cambodia, Nepal, and Philippines – the company works towards ensuring that your vacation is made memorable.

They recognize that there are no two groups of travelers with the same preferences and thus, make sure that they offer a multitude of packages to their guests. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling solo or in a group, there is something for everyone in store. Following given are some of the packages along with their details that you could choose from:

  1. i) Nature Private Tour Packages: This tour allows guests to experience seven destinations in one day. These destinations include the grand Saghmosavank Monastery, Hovhanavank Monastery, the Armenian Alphabet Monument, Amberd Castle, Vahramanshen Church, Mount Aragats and the Echmiadzin Cathedral. While all of the above mentioned destinations are extremely popular for their historic relevance and architectural beauty, the Hovhanavank Monastery is especially important as the body of St. John was buried here.
  2. ii) Sevan Summer In this package will have a 1-hour drive to the canyon of Azat River. First destination will be Garni Temple, one of the major villages in Armenia famous for its fortress. The fortress is the only pagan sacred place from the 1st century that survived aggressive introduction of Christianity in the 4th century. Visit the Noah’s Garden in the village of Garni, See and feel the Armenian culture at one place. Next stop is the Kakavaberd/Keghi Fortress and Havuts Tar Monastery.  Next stop is at the monastery complex Geghard (means a spear in Armenian). The beautiful landscape of Geghard is framed with towering cliffs. Decorative art cut into rocks reflects and explains Medieval Ages development throughout the region. The complex was introduced to the history in the 4th century as a sacred spring inside a cave. Visit the World War II Monument (The Statue of unknown Soldier). Head to Hayravank Monastery (9-12th centuries). Continue to Noratuz, a village famous for its big khachkar (carved cross-stones) cemetery, where you can see about 900 khachkars of various styles and epochs. Drive to the Lake Sevan, “The Jewel of Armenia”, one of the largest high-mountainous fresh water lakes in the world. The coastline of the Lake Sevan is rich with thick woods, white bare steep rocks, mountain steppes and Alpine meadows. Stop at Sevanavank to visit the remnants of the monastery that includes two temples – Surb Arakelots and Surb Astvatsatsin standing among numerous khachkars. The buildings were constructed from black tuff which probably gave the monastery its name Sevanavank translated as “the Black Monastery”. The place opens up a magnificent view: the mountains surround lake from all sides and snow tops are seen almost on the entire perimeter and disappear behind horizon. Experience the swimming in Lake Sevan at Return to Yerevan.

The company also offers private tours so that you can have an exclusive experience with your close ones. Whatever may be your requirement, Hostelandtours has something for everyone.

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