The sleepy beach town of Bang Saphan on the Gulf of Thailand is one of the country’s best hidden gems. It can be reached from Bangkok, 380km away, in approximately 5 hours by bus or car. There are actually two Bangsaphan’s; Bangsaphan Noi and Bangsaphan Yai (meaning big and small when translated from Thai). Bang Saphan is still an undiscovered getaway destination that is relatively unspoilt by tourism so come and see it now before the crowds descend.

The main attraction has to be the endless sandy beach that stretches as far as the eye can see. It is fringed with coconut palms and dotted with the occasional bungalow. Not only can you enjoy a leisurely day at the beach, once the sunsets the bar are not far away and there are a couple of friendly little beach bars in Bang Saphan to enjoy. A great way to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening with a cold beer.

Bang Saphan

This beautiful is jam packed with lovely bars and restaurants, with most of the popular bars and restaurants being found in the Suan Luang beach area, where most of the accommodation is. There are a lot of Thai food stalls and smaller restaurants in town however very little English is spoken and menus (if they have them) are likely to be only in Thai.

For a truly special day out, Koh Talu (also spelt Koh Thalu or Ko Taloo) is a private island in the Gulf of Thailand, 30 minutes boat ride from Bangsaphan. It has two beautiful resorts, unspoiled beaches and coconut palms encircling the pristine evergreen tropical rainforest covering the most of it.