Adventures await at L&T in Germany

Osnabrück is a quintessential German city. Located in the region of Osnabrück, the city is bordered by two majestic mountain ranges and shaped by picturesque rolling green hills.

In the center of the city lies the renowned fashion and sports house, L&T Lengermann & Trieschmann. With more than 100 years of history, it has now become a historical and iconic part of the city known for its special experience factor.

Hasewelle exterior

The focus of the family-run company is to bring the finest fashion items and sportswear direct from international catwalks to Osnabrück. L&T has continually impressed and excited customers season after season with offerings of in-style clothing for all the family, chic home accessories, performance sportswear and so much more spread over three floors in an exceptional atmosphere.

Surfing with L&T

After increased calls and customer requests in 2020 L&T expanded to open a specialized sports house in a brand new and award-winning building. For ease of customer access, the new sports-centered building is connected directly to the fashion house leading to an extension in the space for sports clothing and equipment to over 5000m².

Hasewelle aerial

The central highlight of this building is without a doubt the Hasewelle. This unique indoor surf wave affords customers an opportunity to learn to surf, practice, or simply have fun like no other. If you would rather stay dry, then you are more than welcome to simply stand on the sidelines and check out the pros. The sports house is filled with sneaker outlets, sporty streetwear brands, functional sports apparel, and high-quality equipment for a variety of sports. To add to this the sports house is also home to the City Gym. The gym is fully kitted out with high-tech equipment, experienced professionals, and a modern aesthetic, the perfect place to hit training goals effectively.

Hasewelle surfer

Put simply, if you want to enjoy the very best in the latest fashion trends and an extensive range of outstanding sportswear in a vibrant and colorful location look no further than L&T in the heart of Osnabrück.

Judges’ Feedback

  • Brilliant online reviews and feedback that praise the overall décor, customer service, products on offer, and atmosphere.
  • Excellent dedication to providing a complete sports retail experience that includes a dedicated centre, range of sportswear, equipment, state-of-the-art gym, and even an indoor surf machine.
  • Longevity, L&T has been established for over 100 years and despite facing difficulty during WW2 has built a landmark in Osnabruck.
  • An innovative and front-foot approach has meant that L&T fashion house is always on point with the trends

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