Designed especially for hotels and hostels GuestTalk is the ideal tool to connect hoteliers with their guests. Gone are the days of waiting at reception or being on hold, with GuestTalk guests can take the reception with them wherever they go.

A simple, user-friendly application, GuestTalk allows guests to contact reception, for any purpose, with the click of a button through their smartphones, tablet or laptops. While at the same time allowing the hotel to reply, keep track of room requests, offer extra’s, run surveys, manage staff tasks and invite past guests to visit again. Technology if used right can improve any industry and this is certainly the case with GuestTalk.  

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Features of GuestTalk include a marketing booster to create and send promotional emails using an easy-to-use template builder. The ability to create a pre-arrival health survey to screen guests thereby ensuring safety of everyone involved. You can contact your staff via instant team messaging to pass along guest requests and keep staff in the loop.

Guests are updated throughout their stay via automated SMS notifications with important information and offers, helping you with upselling!

Through GuestTalk’s integration with smart-lock management systems, guests can easily access their rooms with automated door codes that send straight to their mobile. GuestTalk integrates with a range of property management systems, so your guests booking information fluidly transfers to GuestTalk. Spend a week with GuestTalk, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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Judges’ Feedback

  • Innovation; GuestTalk provides a solution to a very real-world issue within the hospitality industry.
  • Excellent range of features, GuestTalk covers a lot of bases making life easier for both guests and hoteliers.
  • A well thought out design, GuestTalk is simple, user-friendly and brilliantly branded.

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