Be prepared for the most memorable food and wine experience in Greece with Greek Grape Wine Tours! Whether you’re visiting Greece for the first or the umpteenth time, it would be a shame to not visit its sprawling vineyards.

Tour Greek Vineyards

To truly experience Greece, you need to understand the North, the Peloponnese, the Central and other important islands. Each region has its own special wines, culinary customs, unique people and varied histories and you need a knowledgeable guide to ensure that you receive the right type of experiences. It is Greek Grape Wine Tours that will show you a Greece that has rarely been seen by most tourists.

Be it the rugged villages of North Greece where the lush Xinomavro grape shines or the Nemea and Mantinia wine growing regions on the famous Peloponnese – you will receive the opportunity to experience all the regions in their original capacity. The volcanic island of Crete and its plethora of diverse and delicious indigenous varietals await you too!

Greek Grape Wine Tours

Greek Grape Wine Tours

Over 11 days, your own private certified wine expert will guide your small group (no more than 10 people per trip) through each region as you experience a Greece rarely seen. You will get to know the winemaker’s histories and unique winemaking stories, become experts in the indigenous varietals of Greece and sample wines not available anywhere else in the world! Throughout the trip, you will enjoy these unique wines paired with the different gastronomical delights that capture the essence of each region

In addition to wining and dining, you will also visit some of the important archaeological sites of Greece, including the Acropolis and its must-see museum, Ancient Nemea, the Royal Tombs in Vergina and Knossos in Crete. They also ensure that you have time on your own to explore and savor each destination. This is an incredible experience for any wine lover, foodie, or history buff.

The “Greek Grape Tour” covers all these wine regions and is currently held twice a year in Spring and Fall. However, interested individuals are urged to note that the dates are somewhat flexible, especially if you can get together a full group of six or more people. They can also custom tours focused on just the North of Greece and the Islands.

Whichever tour you may choose, you can count on Greek Grape Wine Tours to give you the best Greek wine experience possible. For any wine connoisseur, this is a trip you simply cannot miss!

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