GoodiePack has one modest aim, to make sales and service easy the service-industry. So far, it is safe to say this innovative Denmark based firm has achieved that goal. Thousands of companies have benefited from using the GoodiePack platform. A platform that has built a reputation as one of the most effective and user-friendly sales-tools in the tourism and hospitality industry. 

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The easy to use nature of the platform means companies can add their own relevant guest info at will and turn it into a unique link to be pushed automatically to guests before arrival. The link is a way for guests to buy, view and access any hotel extras before they’ve checked in as well as find out more information about their stay. This is a simple yet effective way to give guests a personalised experience, while at the same time generating sales. Extra’s can be changed, tailored and adapted at any time!

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In addition to this, guests never need to download the app or set up a login, all any guest needs to do is click their personalised link to begin browsing extras or find out more.

Research shows that one in three guests are purchasing extras through GoodiePack with each guest on average spending €35. At the other end the guest feedback on the platform is excellent, GoodiePack essentially acts as a one-stop-shop on your phone to get anything you need for your stay. 

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The continued data gathering element of the platform means GoodiePack is ever improving with the behind the scenes team always innovating.

Thousands of properties have benefited from using GoodiePack, want to give it a go? You can try it for free – 

Judges’ Feedback

  • Development of a fantastic and innovative product, the GoodiePack platform is customisable, reliable and cost effective.
  • Outstanding feedback from enterprises who use the platform. The professional service and improved bookings are routinely highlighted as positives.
  • Excellent branding, the design is clean, user friendly and perfectly tailored to the hospitality market.

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Address: Hojbro Plads 10, 1200, Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 717 47571
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