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Atlungstad Brenneri | Cultural Experience | Norway

Culture is a strong part of people’s lives. It is through this phenomenon that most of our lives are moulded. Atlungstad Brenneri of Norway is apt for anyone looking to gain a cultural experience. The company is known to offer open guided tours to help visitors expand their aquavit knowledge, further experience the atmosphere of an aquavit store and see the impressive fermentation tanks in Norway’s only genuine potato liquor distillery, that is still operational. Guided tours take place in the

Althea Boutique Hotel | Boutique Hotel | South Aegean, Greece

The Althea Boutique Hotel can be found amidst the beautiful bay of Amoopi in Karpathos. As soon as you enter the hotel, you are greeted with a pleasant and spacious reception area. The special thing about the rooms at this hotel is that they offer a unique and unrestricted view of the picturesque and breathtaking emerald beaches of Amoopi. Guests can enjoy an abundance of sunshine while taking a brief walk in the hotel grounds. You can sit back and watch the endless blue Karpathian Sea while si

Alojamento Batata | beach Front Apartments | Portugal

Alojamento Batata Nestled on the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is one of the most alluring countries in Europe. It is replete with expansive vineyards, lush farmlands, pristine coastlines, medieval towns, and a rich culture that dates back by centuries. In recent years Portugal has become a prominent vacation spot; thanks to its unique culture, renowned gastronomy, beautiful weather, scintillating attractions, and affordability. To enhance your Portuguese rendezvous, choose to

Salzburg Experience | Cultural Experience | Austria

Austria is a land of history, culture and culinary highlights and nowhere is this more apparent than the city of Salzburg. With Salzburg Experience, they will show you their favourite sights whilst telling you about the history, culture and culinary delights in this wonderful city. With a variety of tours on offer such as a Bike & City Tour, Food Tasting Tour, Christmas Market Tour or your very own private tour amongst many more. Whichever you choose you will find out all the hidden gems of

3 Amazing Hotels in New York City

There’s nothing quite like the hotel industry in New York. Being such a popular destination, the city’s top hotels have definitely raised the bar when it comes to hospitality. So, finding a place to stay can get overwhelming as there are so many amazing hotels to choose from, from boutique B&Bs to the city’s best luxury accommodation. Here are three to help you get started: Library Hotel by Library Hotel Collection (Image credit: Library Hotel Facebook) This is not the first time that we’ve

Ashi Foot Reflexology | Holistic Spa | Singapore

A wellness establishment which specializes in the traditional art of foot reflexology and body massage, Ashi Foot Reflexology offers numerous services ideal for all types of individuals. Its state-of-the-art interiors are especially designed to ensure that the customers can make the most of their visits. The staff employed at the spa center have acquired special skills into ensuring that their customers are able to gain a holistic experience of the space, time and services offered to them. Sit

Ambition Suites | Luxury Hotel | Greece

Are you trying to plan your ultimate escape into a world with breathtaking views and luxurious facilities? Ambition Suites is the answer! Located in the coastal town of Oia, Ambition Suites offers the best starting point for its visitors to explore the Cyclades island of Santorini. One of the primary reasons for its immense popularity is its complete list of comfort services and amenities. The most beautiful highlight of this property are its luxurious suites. Guests find their stay at this qui

AlgarExperience | Sailing Company | Algarve | Portugal

Portugal is famous for its outdoor activities for the intrepid traveller. And within this category, water-based holiday experiences are rather popular. AlgarExperience, a sailing company that has been operative since 2006 is a pioneer in sea and nautical activities. Discover The Seas Within a little more than a decade, the company has grown from being a one-boat operator to a huge enterprise that offers a variety of aquatic and nautical experiences focusing on providing high quality service and

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